How To Customise Your Ride To Keep You Safe

When you make the announcement that you’re going to buy a new motorcycle, you will be greeted with two kinds of responses. The first one will be talking in amazement that you’re buying such a vehicle because of the many dangers involved with having one. The other one will be from people who really understand the benefits of having your own motorcycle and the reality that it isn’t unsafe to have one as long as you take the proper precautions. Motorcycle safety is something that every government takes seriously and due to the many new advances in motorcycle safety technology, it is now a lot safer to ride on a motorcycle.

Many new things have been invented like new types of motorcycle gear, equipment that can be added to your motorcycle, and electronics and new helmets that make riding a motorcycle something that everyone should experience. Statistics tell us that the number of motorbike accidents happening all across the country are coming down every year, but it is still essential that you make sure that you have the right motorbike insurance that you can get here at, and this is because of the developments in new technology that are helping to keep riders safe on the roads. The following are just some of the new innovations that every motorcycle rider should know about.

* Clothing that acts like an airbag – We all know about the airbags that are fitted as standard in all other vehicles nowadays, but until now, there has been nothing available that could be put onto a motorcycle. The purpose of the airbag is to provide some kind of cushioning so that in the event that you do come off your motorcycle, you receive the necessary protection. This is why manufacturers have created motorcycle clothing that is one of the best tech motorcycle innovations currently available, and that acts similarly to the airbag technology. The airbag is built inside the clothing and there is a sensor placed there so that in the event that you are involved in a motorcycle accident, the airbags in your clothing will deploy.

* Improved helmet technology – Everyone knows that a helmet is an essential piece of kit that every motorcycle rider needs to have. It’s probably the most important piece of safety equipment that you will wear and it helps to prevent many injuries. Many modern helmets have things like Bluetooth added so that you’re not playing around with your mobile phone whilst trying to drive your motorcycle. You would be surprised at the number of people trying to look at the phone using the GPS and come off the motorcycle as a result. It is important that you follow the various government legislation when making changes to your motorcycle.

These are only two of the many safety features that are now available for motorcycles. We have not even talked about the anti-lock braking systems, the adaptive headlights or the electronic tyre pressure monitors. There are so many other safety additions to add to this list.