What’s the Biggest Cybersecurity Weakness Your Business Faces?

Businessman using tablet and set up network connection with shield guard to protected from cyber attacks. Network security system concept

Today’s businesses face a wide range of cybersecurity threats. From phishing and malware to DDoS attacks and session hijacking, there are a variety of security risks that your company needs to protect against. However, these types of attacks are rarely the biggest threat that businesses face.

Perhaps surprisingly, the vast majority of cybersecurity attacks and data breaches occur due to human error. What’s more, it’s highly likely that the error will come from within your own organization. 

Are Your Staff a Cybersecurity Risk?

Employees can pose a risk to your company’s cybersecurity in two ways. Firstly, a member of staff may act unscrupulously and intentionally disrupt your systems or leak data. Although these types of internal attacks are relatively rare, they do pose a risk that your business needs to address. 

Secondly, employees can present a cybersecurity risk due to a lack of knowledge, awareness, or training. When staff don’t realize the importance of following security protocols or are unable to recognize the signs of a malware attack, for example, they can inadvertently provide unauthorized users with access to your systems. 

In some cases, employees may even voluntarily disclose information or data, in the belief that they’re communicating with a legitimate member of staff. In reality, social engineering attacks are routinely used to trick unsuspecting employees into disclosing confidential – and valuable – information. 

Training Your Teams in Cybersecurity

No matter what technological protocols you put into place, your company will remain at risk if you don’t address the effect that human error has on your cybersecurity. By providing comprehensive cybersecurity training, you can ensure that every member of your staff has the knowledge and skills to implement security protocols and follow specified security measures. 

In addition to this, employees should be trained in how to recognize the signs of a cyberattack. A trusted company providing IT services in Cicero can set up employee security training for your company. From phishing attacks via email to slow network speeds, it’s vital that staff are acutely aware of the symptoms of an attack.

By putting a cyberattack policy in place, you can also ensure that employees know how to alert management teams of a potential attack so that preventative or remedial action can be taken. 

Transform Your Staff into a Cybersecurity Asset

Your staff may be your biggest cybersecurity weakness right now, but they can easily become your best asset. When you provide the training and on-going support employees need, you can ensure that they have the expertise and skill set required to maintain a secure IT infrastructure. 

Furthermore, a team that is well-trained and able to identify cyber threats will be able to prevent unnecessary data losses and avoidable cybersecurity breaches. As a result, the risk of downtime, reputation damage, and financial penalties is drastically reduced. 

While a comprehensive cybersecurity strategy is essential for today’s commercial organizations, your staff should be at the heart of your security policies. By recognizing the risk that human error poses to your business and taking steps to minimize it, you can successfully turn your biggest weakness into your most valuable cybersecurity asset.