The Best Motorcycle Tech Innovations Currently Available

When people look at a motorcycle, they only see what’s on the outside and not what is going on, on the inside. Many people see motorcycles as an engine with wheels that goes fast, but there is a lot more to motorbikes than that. Most new motorcycles have all of the best, and modern technology that is designed to make the ride more comfortable, and keep you safe when you’re driving on the UK’s roads. Motorcycles have unique selling points that help people choose one particular brand from another, and if you are pondering over whether or not to buy yourself a new motorcycle, then maybe the following technological innovations will help to speed up your decision.

In order to find out what exactly is available with regard to new motorcycle models and all of the technology that they have, you can start with Wheels Honda who would be more than happy to show you around all of their motorcycles and explain exactly what they can do. It is a very exciting time for technology on motorcycles and the following are some of the things that are currently available.

  • Hill-start assist – This is a great innovation because it helps new riders handle their bikes a lot better. Similar to when you were doing a hill start in a car, all of us remember this part of the driving test and how difficult it was. Imagine sitting on a motorcycle and you have a passenger on the back, and you’ve had to stop on an incline. It’s all about the throttle and the clutch and being able to use them in tandem, so that you can pull away easily. Even the most seasoned rider runs into difficulties while doing this and so the hill-start assist helps because it increases the revs a little bit when you release the clutch. This is especially useful for people who enjoy the pleasures of big bike riding.
  • Advanced user interface systems – You take it very much for granted that you have touch-screen functionality on your smart phone, and so it makes sense that this technology should move across to motorcycles. Some motorcycles have touch-screen technology so you can have a look at your fuel consumption, how many more miles that you can do with what’s left in your tank, and some interface systems will even allow you to pull over of the side of the road, and watch a movie with them. There are, of course, different categories of bikes and licence requirements, so if you would like to know more, have a look here.

There is also variable valve timing, cruise control and various phone apps that you can use while driving your motorcycle. There is Honda’s new DCT transmission which allows you to have two clutches on your motorbike. One is for the odd number of gears, and the other for the even numbers. You can now change gears with just the push of a button. It is a very exciting time for motorcycle riders all across the United Kingdom, so get yourself down to your local Honda store and see what’s available.