What Are Electronic Weed Pens?

What Are Electronic Weed Pens?

It’s crazy to think, there was once a time when the public were allowed to smoke indoors. There was once a moment in time when passengers on airplanes could just light up and smoke away. But, since July 2007, smoking in public places has become illegal. Of course, it’s good manners and considerate for nonsmokers, but it meant for many smokers they had to stand outside when smoking at social events or indoor public spaces. With all that being said, a new market was born. Suddenly, electronic cigarettes burst onto the scene. 

When the idea of an electronic cigarette was first introduced to the public, it left many questions. After all, what actually is an electronic cigarette? Battery powered, they work similarly to a kettle. The battery boils the fluid in the cartridge, the cigarette is then smoked, as you would a normal cigarette. 

So it seemed a new technology had been developed, and sure, it had. Many establishments allowed smoking of electronic cigarettes within their premises, after all, they didn’t smell the same or linger like normal cigarettes would. In fact, to make these new gadgets all the more impressive, they were quick to add flavoured liquids in a variety of strengths and concentration of nicotine. People began to enjoy the many flavours of the different liquids on the market, instead of a typical tar cigarette, people were now smoking blueberry, cherry, bubble gum, tropical fruit flavours to name a few. The list of flavours was endless. 

With the new age of the electronic cigarette, also came the birth of the weed pen. Using the exact same technology and set up, CBD oil was now available to vape. As you can imagine, it was a very popular invention. 

Cannabis vaporization grew rapidly in popularity over a short period of time. Not only is cannabis now legal in Canada and many states of America, but vaporizing the oil in the form of a weed pen has actually become a lot easier to consume. 

As the electronic cigarette and weed pens are vaporized oil, it is actually considered by many to be healthier, and a lot lighter on the lungs than smoking cigarettes and cannabis in the traditional form. The oil form doesn’t contain the same tar and carcinogens created by the light fire when smoking. Another enticing benefit to using a weed pen over the traditional smoking methods of cannabis, is that the pens leave much less of an aroma making it more discrete to those who use cannabis on a daily basis for personal or medicinal use. 

The process of vaporizing cannabis is the same as the electronic cigarettes. The cannabis oil is heated to a high temperature which turns the compounds into vapor. It is then inhaled and smoked the exact same as a normal cannabis cigarette. Studies found that regular cannabis users, as well as regular cigarette smokers felt a number of respiratory health benefits. Without the tar from regular smoke, they reported being able to breathe easier as well as being able to take deeper breaths. 

As the market grew rapid in popularity, the demand seemed to increase year after year after year. Shops opened on the high street, local shops and even gas stations across the world began to sell electronic cigarettes over the counter. And like all markets, they took off online too. You can now buy weed pens online. Sites like Slick Vapes are a great place to find some of the best weed pens on the market. If you’re a regular smoker, consider making the transition over to electronic, the benefits are endless.