Warehouse Technology – How Automation Has Changed the Environment

Warehouse Technology – How Automation Has Changed the Environment

In-house logistics is an important part of the warehouse environment, if it does not run smoothly, a business will fail to function effectively. When you think about warehouse operations, it can be hard to understand everything that is needed to ensure accurate operations. Technology continues to change the workplace and the warehouse is one area that has benefited massively. Imagine comparing a warehouse in the 90’s to what we have today.

Moving Forward

If you go back in time and think about what a warehouse looked like 20 or 30 years ago, you can understand the difference in today’s environment. Today’s warehouses feature modern technology that runs like clockwork. You will see all kinds of complex systems in place to improve productivity in all departments on the floor. You will find quality systems like LOGIMAT® in Bangkok in all kinds of warehouses in the city.

A lot of things have changed in the last decade, our warehouses are almost unrecognisable from the older environments of the 90’s or 00’s. All of these changes have had a profound effect on warehouse efficiency and productivity.

Less Employees

The main thing you will notice is the lack of employees on the floor. Automated warehouses now depend on machines rather than human beings. There once was a time when many operatives were positioned around the warehouse, but times have changed. Some factories are now fully automated, only relying on a handful of operators to take care of orders. There is a reason you see fewer employees in a warehouse, a building equipped with robots can process orders up to 5 times faster than people.

Certain types of technology have greatly reduced the need for warehouse operatives. You now see fewer line managers as technology has made labour more efficient or eliminated it all together.

Full and Partial Automation

The main reason why so many warehouse operatives are non-existent in today’s environment is because business owners have gone for full or partial automation. Warehouse automation technology has become more affordable, meaning there less of a need for people than ever before.

If you look back 20 or 30 years, automation was only in its infancy. Things have changed dramatically, and warehouse automation has taken over. With the help of warehouse management systems, the workplace is unrecognisable from its old setting. Here are just some of the areas advanced systems have made a huge difference:

  • Paperwork and data entry
  • Picking efficiency
  • More efficient working practices
  • Clever storage systems

Paperless Environment

Another area where technology has had a huge impact is software, scanning solutions, and IT. All of these new components have eradicated nearly all paper sheets and documents.

There is so much new technology on the market that the warehouse environment will continue to change into the future. Warehouse management systems, automation and scanning systems are just a few elements that have combined to change the landscape of today’s warehouse. If you have been involved in the industry a long time, it can sometimes be difficult to overlook the huge differences technology has made.