Technology to Survive the Boredom & Isolation of Lockdowns

The ongoing perceived threat of coronavirus in the United States and many other countries throughout the world means that people are still socializing and traveling far less often than usual. Because of this, many are looking for new ways they can keep themselves entertained at home to avoid feelings bored and lonely. 

Those who work from home are also interested in technology that can help them be as productive and comfortable as possible. Below are several forms of technology beneficial for people spending more time at home.

Portable Smart Projector

Watching TV and movies has become a favorite pastime in many households during the lockdowns. It also has them missing the experience of watching films on the big screen at the local movie theater. Kodak has recently released a product called LUMA 350 Smart Projector that allows anyone to create a screen of up to 200 inches on their wall. The best part is that the screen is pocket-sized but can still produce large and realistic looking images.

Apple Watch

Increased inactivity and weight gain have been unfortunate consequences of the pandemic. People who worked out at a gym suddenly couldn’t go there anymore, leaving them little option but to workout at home. Some have turned to the Apple Watch to stay motivated. 

The device provides hourly reminders to get up, stretch, and meditate, all important for the health of the mind and body. The Apple Watch also tracks the user’s fitness levels each day, which provides an important source of inspiration at a time when it’s truly needed.

Bluetooth Streamer and Wireless Earbuds Bundle

The pandemic has posed a great challenge for the millions worldwide with hearing loss. With nearly everyone wearing masks, hard of hearing individuals have lost the ability to lip read to help fill in the gaps of any speech they might have missed. The frustration of hearing loss also comes into play in the home with more people passing the time watching TV and streaming movies. Turning up the volume rarely helps because the real problem is clarity of words and sounds. Nuheara, and Australian company, offers a bundle of products known as IQbuds² MAX and IQstream TV that help to address this issue.

IQstream TV is an improvement on existing technology alternatives that requires users to purchase expensive hearing aids, wear bulky headsets or yokes around the neck, or wire a loop zone around their television. Nuheara’s affordable alternative enables users to wear wireless earbuds that stream high definition sound from the television with zero delay. Since the earbuds’ volume control is independent of the television, the level of sound selected by the IQbuds² MAX doesn’t affect others watching the TV at the same time.

Robotic Deliveries from Online Shopping

The convenience of online shopping has always made it a popular choice for busy families across the country. Since the coronavirus pandemic, it has shifted from convenience to necessity. The increased demand has also challenged retailers to determine the best logistics strategy to get orders delivered quickly. Package delivery via robot has ramped up significantly as a result. Companies have also had to increase efforts to ensure proper sanitary measures when making robotic deliveries.

3D Printing Technology

The ability to print medical items had been in the works for several years prior to the COVID-19 pandemic of 2020. With millions of people now spending most of their time at home, the demand for this technology is at an all-time high. In-home 3D printers have been the ideal response to supply chain shortages around the world. 

People appreciate that they can create various products by changing materials and design files. They can also create simple parts quickly without the need to wait up to several weeks to receive shipments. Printing technology using 3D has been especially useful to create personal protective equipment at home.

Online Entertainment

People who are missing attending concerts, sporting events, museums, and other forms of entertainment that typically draw large crowds have not had to give these up entirely. They have just had to adjust to watching them online rather than in person. Numerous businesses have stepped up to the challenge to make entertainment available from home, something sports, music, and history fans appreciate, along with those who enjoy other types of live events.

While the current global situation remains challenging, access to these and other technologies for the home have at least made it more enjoyable to pass the time from home.

There are other technologies that have made it through all the lock downs and will be making a comeback over the next few months, says the gadget experts at Treasures in America.