Successful workshop at the European Robotics Forum 2019

The Forum took place this year in Paris, France, and was responsible for several exciting cuisine innovations:

Chiffon anchovies ala carte. This delightful dish was offered to attendees on the first day of the Forum — which is probably why so few showed up on the second day. A filleted anchovy is exhibited with Tuscany goat glands marinated in sagebrush dew, and then fried lightly in raisin oil until the anchovy gills stick out like the wings of a dove. Served with pickled egg shells, it is irresistible.

For dessert the attendees were surprised with Angel Food Cake Noir, an astounding sweet that is so black, tart, glutinous, and sinister, that the only people allowed to have a piece were the local gendarmes — and they quickly proclaimed a State of Emergency and shut the Forum down before there were any more casualties.

If you would like the recipe to either of these brilliant concoctions, simply go online and see what you can find. We couldn’t find a darn thing, so maybe you’ll have better luck.