How Texas Businesses Are Handling Reopening

How Texas Businesses Are Handling Reopening

Young waitress with face mask standing by entrance door working in cafe, reopening concept.

Reopening is beginning to happen in Texas after finally getting the all-clear. As one of the first states to be heading closer to normality, businesses and personal endeavors will look to be back on track. 

But how are Texas businesses handling the challenges of reopening their storefronts and physical company locations? Let’s find out.

Reopening Plans  

Last year, the idea was to reopen the economy in stages after a few weeks of being shut down as COVID-19 spread throughout the state. Job losses and business closures were playing a huge part in the negativity swarming the state. 

Gov. Greg Abbott was hopeful that businesses would be back running as normal if fully open with better distancing standards. Second and third waves put a stop to the progress throughout 2020, however.

Houston businesses are finally reopening again in 2021 thanks to all of the hard work that has been done to deal with the virus and wipe it from the country. Some have been closed for a lot longer than others, so they’ll be raring to get going once again. 

In order to handle reopening, they will be looking to behave a certain way and have certain protocols put in place. The following are a few examples: 

Establishing Everyday Practices And Behavior  

In order to get back to functioning fully, a business will still need to enforce some of the practices that have become normal over the past year or so. 

Social distancing measures will still apply in many workplaces, stores, and hospitality areas. In order to receive the service, people will need to abide by the rules. Tests will still be needed in order to allow people to use services. For instance, dentists will need to know the status of their patients before seeing them. 

That said, due to the vaccination of many people across the state and country, other businesses may be able to operate without requiring social distancing. As more people get vaccinated, this is the trend many companies are headed towards in Texas.

Reviewing Mask Policies

The big news coming out of Texas on May 23th, 2021, was that the CDC announced that fully vaccinated people can go without a face mask indoors and outdoors—unless required by a particular rule or regulation. 

Businesses will still be able to request that masks are worn, however. If individuals wish to wear masks even after being vaccinated, they also may. 

Most businesses are determining their mask policies based on several factors, such as how many people are generally in the location at the same time, how easily they can sanitize their workstations, and whether having a mask policy will generate more or less business. 

Updating Technology (Remote or Onsite)

Hackers and other cybercriminals from all over the world have unfortunately become rampant since COVID-19 swept the globe. Threat actors are capitalizing on the fact that many businesses simply haven’t properly prepared to accommodate new needs, such as remote workers or reopening their storefront after a year. 

The good news for Texas businesses opening up once again is that IT support in Houston is some of the best in the world. You can find professional services that help protect your technology from attacks, natural disasters, and more. 

Not only will they protect a business; they’ll also be able to educate your company on the best plan to reopen a physical location and/or maintain remote workers without sacrificing data integrity or customer security. This will be especially necessary after the year the country has had. 

Many Texas businesses are preparing to get their businesses back to normal—or at the very least, establish a new normal after a year of pandemonium. With these factors in mind, you can also prepare your business to be ready for the reopening.