Improve Your Relationship With Your Outsourced IT Partner

There are plenty of benefits to outsourcing your IT services. You’ll improve your IT infrastructures, access 24/7 support, and enhance your cybersecurity.  Working with an IT partner means you’ll need to adapt your business processes. Adaptation can be tough, so it’s helpful to get organized. To get the best out of your relationship, consider the following pointers.

1 . Provide Clear Expectations

To achieve a great relationship with your outsourced IT partner, it’s important to make your expectations clear. Before you outsource an area of your operations, you need to understand what you’re looking to achieve.

Unless you are clear on what you need, it’s difficult to communicate this to your outsourcing partner. You should establish the areas of support you require, and any appropriate methodology or deadlines. Consider why you are working with an IT partner in the first place? Thinking about this will help you to establish your goals.

2 . Prepare Your Business

Working with an outsourced IT partner will change the way you do business. It may disrupt your business operations at first. It’s a good idea to prepare your business for the change ahead. Preparation will help you to improve your relationship with your IT service. By planning ahead you can be sure that changes are implemented efficiently, without too much downtime. Inform your IT partner of the changes you are making, this will help them understand how they can support you.

3. Seek to Learn from Your IT Partner

Outsourced IT vendors are tech experts, your company can learn a lot from this relationship. Remember that your IT partner will have a history of many similar projects. If you put in the time, you’ll learn how to improve your project outcomes. You might be used to certain approaches, but remember that there’s always room for improvement. To support your relationship, be open to all suggestions. Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone.

4. Consider Who Will Manage The Relationship

You need to think carefully about which of your employees will manage this relationship. Choosing the wrong people will negatively impact your projects. You’ll need to choose excellent communicators, who understand your IT and business goals. You need to choose innovators who embrace change.

5. Offer Positive Feedback

Perhaps you are not entirely happy with your IT service so far? If this is the case, try to find at least one or two positives. Communicate this positive feedback to your IT partner. Doing so will help you to improve the relationship. When communicating the areas that you are not happy with, try to be constructive. There is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ IT solution. Each business has different needs, and so it can take time to find the perfect fit. You might also like to ask your IT provider for feedback. Your provider may have ideas about how you can improve your collaboration.

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