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Special first films in Film café Phoenix Shaik

SCHAIJK –  The Phoenix 2.0 culture working group took the initiative this summer to start a film café in Shaik in collaboration with culture stage De Pull in Oden. A film committee has now been set up and the first films will soon be screened.

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“The annual open-air film in Shaik always attracted a large audience,” says Tilly van den Hogan on behalf of Phoenix 2.0. “That tasted like more and that is why the new film committee will organize more film screenings in De Phoenix from now on.”

The program for the first three performances:
* Namaland, Tuesday, October 4:  This film won no fewer than three Oscars in 2020: best director, best actor and best film. A magical road movie with a number of real nomads in the lead.
* The Leisure Seeker, Tuesday 15 November:  A romantic tragicomedy about two people who secretly take a break with their motorhome in the last phase of their lives.
* Jackie and Open,  Wednesday 4 January:  A  cheerful family film suitable for primary school age. 

The movies on October 4 and November 15 start at 8 p.m. Entry from 7:15 PM. The family film on January 4 starts at 2 pm, walk-in from 1.30 pm. Tickets cost 5 euros. 

Tilly: “We would like to let interested parties know at least three days in advance whether they are coming. Then we know how many chairs need to be set up. If you forgot to make a reservation, you are still welcome.”


An album cover that catches the eye makes you want to listen. Unfortunately, with that ideology in mind, Sports Team seemed to have forgotten that it also had to look a bit aesthetically pleasing. On the other hand, it is not the case that debut album  Deep Down Happy  looked so beautiful, but at least it perfectly reproduced the rattling rock that makes up the six-piece. 

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The ugly cover of Gulp! Leaving aside for a moment, Dampened Berne is of course all about the music, and in that respect the band from London does have some solid references. It just has to be said that the formula the group uses is an outright success, and perhaps even more that Sports Team makes the atmosphere from record even better on stage. And what do you get if you lock six Duracell rabbits in their room for two years? That’s right, a dynamite rod from a plate.

Permanent Fixture

In that respect, ugly or not, Sports Team seems to be making a statement with Gulp! . Not in the least because the band seems to be moving towards other musical places with its rattle cart. At times this causes the curse of ‘the difficult second’ to pant down the neck, but in general the sixty reach its destination, which is the mishit. It can already be opened at the opening track ” The Game “, because with the flame in the pipe, the British are driving into their new chapter. A clattering guitar, Alex Rice who dissolves his devils in his own nonchalant way… We are in line with  Deep Down Happy , but hey, ‘life’s hard but I can’t complain’. 

That happens, and almost without limits. Successor “ Dig! ” winks at King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard with his dark guitars. And when we close our eyes we see how a dark club is completely mosh to shreds. If this doesn’t become a permanent fixture on the setlist, then we don’t know what will. “Fingers (Taken Off)” also seems to be that thanks to its scorching. Because without betraying its individuality, Sports Team just blasts away. Straightforward, without going round the pot; it’s something the band has always been good at. The fact that the gentlemen and lady still don’t take themselves too seriously is also prove. By the way they provide their own background vocals in “ The Drop ”.

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Light Industry

Nevertheless, as mentioned, the six have also tried to add new elements to its success formula. Some times with more success than others. For example, for “ Cool It Kid ” the voice of Sorry singer Asha Lorenz was call upon. Although it has to be said that the whole thing just doesn’t have enough spice.

To really catch on. Also album closing track “Light Industry” does not seem to turn out quite as hoped. Because where the intention was to create a bombastic rock ballad, the song often drags on a bit. Too bad, because with some winks to the past, there was certainly some potential in it.