Should I Buy Solar Panels?

You’ve probably heard a lot about solar panels by now. Solar energy gets much attention with energy costs rising and more people emphasizing topics like self-reliance and home values. You may ask yourself, “should I buy solar panels?” You need a solid answer. After all, it’s a significant commitment, and you want to know if solar panels are worth the expense.

Fortunately, there are just a handful of factors to evaluate when deciding if you should buy solar panels. If at least some of these elements are in your favor, you should get a quote and consider adding solar to your home.

Where You Live

While it might not seem fair, geography is essential for deciding if you should buy solar panels. States that get a lot of sunshine are the best places for making the investment because your home will get more energy more efficiently.

If you live in these states, solar is a strong possibility:

  • California
  • Colorado
  • Utah
  • Nevada
  • New Mexico
  • Arizona
  • Kansas
  • Oklahoma
  • Texas
  • Florida

The Condition and Position of Your Home

You’re ahead of the game if your home has a clear southern-facing roof. Solar panels can be angled toward the sun, but they’re easier and less expensive to install if your roof is already facing the best angle of sunlight.

If your home is also clear of shade from trees or other structures, your roof will get more sun, and solar panels will be more efficient.

The condition of your roof is also a key consideration. Solar panels need a solid roof that’s in relatively good shape. If you need new shingles or other roofing material, you should probably get that done before installing solar.

Solar Rebates

There are opportunities to reduce the steep upfront cost of solar installation, including government rebates and deals from local utilities. When you talk with solar companies, find out what arrangements are available and how they can help you apply for them.

Learn More about Solar

So, should I buy solar panels? It’s a valid question, and if you and your home meet at least some of these conditions, solar could be an excellent investment. You can save a lot of money on future energy bills and increase your home’s value. Start getting quotes from solar companies in your area and learn as much as possible.