A Guide to Selling your Home Online

We can do almost everything online today and selling your home is no exception, with a range of innovative services that take the hard work out of marketing your property, and if you are thinking about selling up and moving into a new area, you will need the services of a competent local real estate agent. Of course, you could use Google to search for the websites of local real estate agents, yet there is an even easier solution, which is to use an online real estate agent-finding service.

Real Estate Agent-Finding Service

If you live in Australia, there are online services to help you find a real estate agent, and what’s more they are free to the Australian homeowner, as the service provider receives a small remuneration from the agent. Once on such a website, you simply select either ‘sell’ or ‘rent’, whichever is appropriate, then you enter information on the fields provided regarding description of the property, and if looking for tenants, enter your expected weekly rental, while sellers should state the estimated value of the property, along with the full postal address, which is enough information to provide you with a list of recommended real estate agents.

Comparing Agent Performance

One of the most important aspects of choosing a real estate agent is comparing their performance, and that’s where the agent-finding services comes in. Alongside each real estate agent is information such as:

  • How many units they have sold or rented out to date this year.
  • How many units they currently have listed.
  • Median selling price
  • The average number of days until sold or rented.

The services also include information about real estate agent commission, which includes the national average for easy comparison. If your home is part of your business, you might be able to get a concession on stamp duty by checking this information.

Professional Presentation

The real estate agent you choose should use the right people to list your home, with great professional images and text that describes the property, and if you are really looking for a quick sale, why not consider home staging, which brings out the best when potential buyers are viewing. If you would like to read an engaging blog on how to make your home more stylish and contemporary, click here.

Viewing by Appointment

Once your property is listed, the agent can contact you via message or email to arrange viewings, which is more than a little convenient, and if the agent has a good reputation, it won’t be long before a buyer is found and you can set the ball rolling.

Knowing the Agent’s Commission

Prior to contacting any real estate agent, you can quickly discover how much commission they charge if you visit your local real estate agent-finding website, as this information would be posted, along with many other details regarding real estate agents. This service is totally free to Australian homeowners, so if you are looking to sell your home online, you can use this free service to assist you in finding the best agent.