3 Benefits to Growing Your Own Weed

Since the days of complete prohibition, growing cannabis at home has come a long way. Nowadays, many states have their cannabis cultivation laws, where you can grow a limited number of marijuana plants. However, each state will differ on its rules. It’s never been a more fruitful time to take on growing cannabis as your hobby. Here are three amazing benefits to leaping to grow your own cannabis harvests. 

You have total autonomy

Growing your harvest means you have total control over every aspect of the cultivation process. You are the master of your farm, meaning you determine what types of strains, potency, effects, and tastes you want. As a grower, you can experiment to figure out what works best for you. Since there are many different growing cannabis methods, it becomes intrinsically rewarding to find a system that works for you. Whether you are looking to grow organically, raised beds, or hydroponically in soil containers, you can design your room and harvest the way you want it. Another advantage of having full autonomy is ensuring that you are consuming safe to consume products. Buying in the streets or the store bears some risk level, and you can never be certain when buying a substance. There are certain fungicides, pesticides, fertilizers, miticides, and other garden amendments that can be damaging to your immune system depending on the individual. Especially for those patients who rely on cannabis to improve their health, it’s best to take control of your medicine to ensure optimal safety. 

It’s legal to grow 

Nowadays,certain states do give you the license to grow marijuana. Typically there are applications and fees involved in getting a license. As long as you can meet the requirements, you’re free to grow marijuana. Most states only allow you to grow a small amount, such as four to six plants at a time. But there are a few stipulations for some to grow more plants. With stipulations, these states have picked up sites to acquire legal genetics like clones and seeds to take home. With these laws, a new market has been created. Nurseries and dispensaries can sell home growers various unique house flavors to try out in their own garden. 

Save money 

Although you may worry that the initial costs of setting up a grow space and growing your cannabis can be expensive, it will pay itself off. Some of the common items you’ll need are a grow space, lighting, water, soil, nutrients, etc. However, A Pot for Pot provides the best tips for finding the ideal lighting for your grow space. Growing is usually available on any budget. There are always inexpensive alternatives to growing a plant. Even with just one successful harvest, you might be able to pay your initial costs back. As your harvest becomes more viable, you’ll easily recoup your investment. Once you’re able to master cultivating high yields for your crops, you’ll save tons of money compared to buying expensive marijuana for a tiny amount. Especially if you’re a person who smokes a ton of marijuana, this is a no-brainer.