Career Choices: 5 Technologies That Are Emerging

The pace of tech development is so fast that it is difficult to keep abreast with cutting edge technology, and anyone who is thinking about their career should be looking at industries that look to have a sound future. It is not a wise move to enter an industry that is on its way out, as demand is only going down, and with that in mind, here are a few technologies that have a future in the world.

  1. Robotics – If you are into making things with your hands and like the idea of programming robots to carry out tasks, this could be the career for you. The robotics industry has been around a long time, but now it is moving into an exciting new era, with robots that look and act just like humans.
  2. Computer Science – Artificial intelligence (AI) is certainly the future and anyone who enters the field of AI would have very good prospects, and there couldn’t be a better time to enter such a sector. When we make computers that can learn, we are in some ways unsure of where this will lead, but one thing is for sure, there will be a high demand for computer science graduates, and if you have a talent with computing, why not exploit it?
  3. Nano Technology – We are learning how to make things smaller and smaller and the nanotech industry is indeed booming, as major corporations invest billions in nanotechnology, knowing the rewards can be very high. This sector can be combined with chemistry, physics and biology with things like minute nano bots that can be injected into a human and will protect them from every known disease. There is one British international School in Thailand that produces science students of a very high grade, and their senior section would have state of the art equipment to train the students how to develop their skills.
  4. App Development – The mobile app industry is enjoying huge success, as more and more businesses incorporate a mobile app into their marketing arsenal, with front and back-end developers making high salaries. Like most things, you would start by learning the basics and as you develop skills, you will be given more demanding roles and responsibilities. App development has a bright future, especially when we see the arrival of the Internet of things, a 5G networked grid that will connect every digital device. Writing code is always going to be sought after and if you like the challenge it brings, why not get into the industry?
  5. Solar Energy – The day when we stop burning fossil fuels is not that far away, and whatever your chosen career, there would be opportunities galore in the clean and renewable energy sector, which will eventually power the entire planet. This will really help the environment and you could be working to be part of the energy solution, which is very rewarding.

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