How to Transform Your Small Business Office With Industrial Buildings

Small business owners working in small office spaces face some unique challenges. The biggest one is the question of where to put everything. Desks get smushed together, it’s hard to find places for all the necessary equipment, there may not be enough room to have a place for customers, natural light gets blocked, the air doesn’t seem to circulate, and office workers feel as though they are stacked on top of each other. Multipurpose and adaptable furniture helps as does prioritizing essentials, but the best thing may be to increase the space with post-frame construction.


Benefits of Post-Frame Construction

Post-frame construction, also known as pole-barn, can be quickly constructed using fewer materials. This means lower costs. This type of construction is versatile and highly adaptable for large open spaces, such as an office or warehouse. Post-frame construction is durable enough to withstand severe weather. It is also a sustainable choice because the structure allows for more building insulation.


Save Space and Maximize Efficiency

In post-frame construction, the wood poles are much farther apart than in other types of construction. The distance between the wood frames creates a large wall cavity. This is not only useful for insulation purposes, but it also works well in a business setting. Because there is no need for load-bearing walls, you are left with a lot of wall space and a wide-open area.


Important Considerations

During the planning process, it is important to consider the purpose of the design and how you intend to use the space as well as windows and lighting, plumbing and electricity, insulation, roofing, the building’s foundation, the soil you are building on, access for customers, employees, and truck drivers, zoning requirements, building codes, and any other expansion you may want to do in the future. You need to think about what the space will be used for – retail, restaurant, office space or something else? Getting the most out of your square footage is probably the most important consideration for designing and building.


Cost-Saving Advantages

Post-frame construction requires fewer materials to build. It also takes less time and less labor to build a post-frame structure. Therefore, this type of construction saves you money.


Design Considerations to Optimize Space

The large open area offers you the ability to add more windows to the workplace, if necessary. This will increase the amount of natural light flowing through the office. Design around a specific square footage per person and consider creating multipurpose workstations to optimize the available space. Think about how much storage space you will need and maximize wall space. Create an open layout plan for optimal air circulation and productivity. For the decor, reuse and repurpose furniture whenever possible, use non-toxic paint for the walls, and create a workspace where people desire to come to work.


The Future of Post-Frame Construction

Post-frame construction has been used for centuries and is still a preferred way to build where there is no need for load-bearing walls. It continues to be the construction method of choice for anyone wanting a wide-open floor plan.