Summer Big Bike Riding in the UK: Tips & Suggestions

You no doubt see a lot of superbikes in the summer, as many men and women take to two wheels when the weather permits and if you would like to swap your car for the power of a big bike in the summer months, this article offers you some advice.

  • Start with a used bike – Of course, there are the UK driving licence requirements to consider and if you want unrestricted, then you will have to pass the theory and practical riding tests, which might take you a couple of years. If you search online, there is a comprehensive selection of used bikes from Wheels Motorcycles, the leading UK bike dealer with affordable finance, and when you have a few years riding under your belt, you can trade your bike in for a new model.
  • Protective Gear – Regardless of the type or size of your motorcycle, you will need to wear the right clothing and protective equipment. Your crash helmet must conform to government standards and while a good crash hat is not going to be cheap, your head is very important and demands the best protection. When riding in the hot summer, resist the urge to wear shorts and a T-Shirt, as when skin comes into contact with tarmac, it is the obvious loser. A leather jacket is a must and denim jeans are great for riding, as denim is thick and hardy. Gloves and a pair of boots with ankle support completes the gear you will need, and a hi-vis vest is recommended as this helps other road users to see you.
  • Bike Insurance and Maintenance – The dealer would be happy to service your bike through April to September, then you can store it for the winter and with comprehensive insurance that covers accidental damage and theft, your investment is covered. Things like battery care and maintenance need to be carried out and engine oil needs replacing at specific mileage intervals.
  • Combine with Camping – The British Isles is home to spectacular countryside and packing your camping gear allows you to visit the Lake District or the West of England, namely Devon & Cornwall. You can buy panniers for your bike and with a hard backpack, you can carry everything you need for a weekend in the country. Summer bank holidays are ideal times, you can set off on Friday evening, arrive at the campsite in time for dinner, then you can stay until Monday evening.
  • Sensible Riding – If you are planning to ride a sports bike, for example, you must have the utmost respect for the power at your wrist and always be aware of other road users. Technology is such today, that you would receive speeding tickets through the mail and soon you would be suspended for too many penalty points. Stick to the speed limits and you will never have a problem with the law and ride with the greatest care and attention, being prepared for anything at any time. Here is some DVLC bike licence information.

The British summer can be a little unpredictable but you should get a few months of clear blue skies and warm temperatures, which are the ideal times to get the bike out and head for somewhere nice.