Reflecting Back: FH Cann & Associates Success in 2019

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2019 proved that there is no stopping FH Cann & Associates from reaching new heights! With two decades in the Business Processing Outsourcing and Accounts Receivables Management industries, FH Cann & Associates continues to find ways to advance their success. 2019 was another banner year full of expansion, advancement, and achievements.

Consistently focused on providing the best for their company, employees, and clients, FH Cann & Associates focused on making this year the best yet… and what a year it was! Here is FH Cann & Associates’ 2019 Roundup!


This year, FH Cann & Associates Inc. celebrated two decades of excellence! For their twentieth anniversary, FH Cann & Associates brought their team together to honor everything that they do. It’s with their dedication to excellence, that FH Cann & Associates has earned their reputation as leaders in the BPO and ARM fields. Most importantly, it’s with this incredible group of world-class employees, that FH Cann & Associates has built a reputation rooted in respect, care, and recover since 1999. 


In 2019, FH Cann & Associates Inc. grew the size of their team exponentially! This year alone, FH Cann & Associates added almost one hundred to their team of world-class representatives! By understanding the importance of expanding their company to meet client’s needs, FH Cann & Associates can continue to meet and exceed your expectations. FH Cann & Associates is extremely excited to see where these talented individuals take them in the new year!


FH Cann & Associates’ are very proud to announce that In October, they were recognized with the Gold Award for the Northeast region Massachusetts Economic Impact Award. They were chosen for this honor due to their impressive job growth, investment, and community involvement. This award is especially impactful as it represents FH Cann & Associates’ reputation being built on more than simply fiscal gain. They make it a priority to continue giving back to their clients, employees, and community and know that it’s why their business flourishes the way it has for twenty years.


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Speaking of staying involved with their community… One way that FH Cann & Associates continued to give back to their neighbors this year was by contributing almost 900 items to schools through the organization Crayons to Computers. Like them, FH Cann & Associates understands the value of ensuring the proper tools are provided to succeed.


What’s next? Well, FH Cann & Associates Inc. didn’t grow a successful business without thinking of the future. They’re excited to take everything that they’ve learned and accomplished this year into a new one full of opportunity for their clients. They look forward to continuing to expand their team, knowledge, and experience level and continue to stay on top of the industry and provide clients with the best!

While they’re extremely proud of the incredible year, FH Cann & Associates Inc. is already looking forward to how they can be even better for their clients in 2020! It’s impossible to know what the future holds, but they know that they’re well prepared with the best team, knowledge, and clients to ensure that they are always moving forward! While it was a great year, they look forward to having a million more incredible things to report to you in 365 days!