Is Vaping Better For The Planet?

There’s a whole variety of reasons why you might want to give up smoke and instead use e juice by Breazy.

It’s better for young lungs, your house doesn’t stink of smoke, and it can be cheaper in the long run. But another reason is the planet.

Today, we’ll be looking at whether vaping is better for the planet than smoking.


Less Carbon Dioxide 

When you light up a cigarette, you’ll be burning the tobacco plant. Most life on this planet, be it animal or plant is made up of carbon. When it’s in the plant, carbon isn’t bad for the planet. However, when you burn it, it becomes carbon dioxide.

This is greenhouse gas responsible for climate change. The gas goes to the edge of the atmosphere and prevents the heat from the sun being able to leave the Earth again.

Of course, smoking is nowhere near as bad as coal but it will have an impact.

Easier to recycle 

It’s no secret that our seas have a plastic problem. But believe it or not, the number one culprit isn’t straws or plastic bottles, it’s cigarette butts.

As these elements are neither compostable nor recyclable, and therefore most will either end up in landfill or in the sea.

However, the vape is going to be easier to recycle and most of it is made of either metal or plastic. As more people vape, the companies are going to work harder on making their products recyclable.

Plus, unlike a cigarette that can only be used once, the vape can be used over and over again.

Land Needed 

To be able to grow tobacco, you’re going to need land. This is true of any plant. But when you use land to grow crops, you may need to cut down trees.

Whilst the tobacco will turn carbon dioxide into oxygen when it’s alive during photosynthesis, the trees that may need to be cut down will likely have done more than the tobacco if they were to have stayed up.

Also, by cutting down trees, you’ll be ruining the habitat of any animals, and deforestation has become a huge problem in recent years. Most trees aren’t cut down for their wood, but rather for the land they’re on.


People still litter 

The biggest threat to the planet isn’t coal, or the meat industry. It’s us.

Without out, coal would just be black lumps, and there wouldn’t be any factory farms. Even if you can recycle vapes, there are still going to be people who litter. The empty cartridges that could be given new life are instead thrown onto the ground.

If we are going to choose to not be responsible, it doesn’t really matter if we smoke or vape. And in fact, some are saying that empty vape cartridges are becoming more and more common in the oceans.


Even though they will last longer than a cigarette, you still need to get the metal required. This can be recycled, but even then, it will need to be melted into shape, which can produce CO2

But when they’re made from new metal, it will need to be mined, then smelted, then melted into shape. Getting metal does also have an impact on the environment, due to the machines required to mine for it, and the energy used to melt it.

And the plastic used, well, that’s a discussion for another time.


Overall, it would be better for the planet if you were to vape rather than smoke. But just make sure you’re responsible.

Make sure you dispose of your empty cartridges properly and you don’t litter. And don’t think that just because you vape, you’re some sort of eco-hero.