How to Keep Your Pantry Organized

Storage cabinet in kitchen with wooden shelves with food.

Everyone has a reason to organize their kitchen pantry. Maybe it’s because you want peace of mind in knowing that the items you need are in stock and organized in a way that makes sense to you. Or, maybe it’s because you have noticed ants or other unwelcome pests making their home in your kitchen cupboards. Whatever the case may be, here are five simple tips on how to organize your pantry so you can enjoy fresh ingredients and your favorite products again!

1. Use clear containers with matching lids for every shelf.

There is no easier way to organize your pantry than having matching containers for each shelf that fit perfectly into place like puzzle pieces. Using jars , bins, plastic containers  and more will help keep everything in its place and make it easy to find what you’re looking for quickly without having to dig through the pantry.

2. Set up a rotating can storage rack.

If you stock up on canned goods then storing them in a pantry cabinet or cupboard just won’t do! Keep your frequently used items within arms reach by using an organizing rack that allows you to organize and rotate different cans and organize exactly how you want, making it easy to get out what you need when needed. For example, if there is a sale or promotion on certain brands of food then use one shelf for these monthly deals so they are easily accessible when grocery shopping. It’s also helpful to organize in order of expiration date so you know how to rotate the stock every month.

3. Customize cabinets for easy access when cooking/baking.

If you’re lucky enough to own custom cabinets then there are numerous ways to fit large containers into small spaces. One idea is using an under-shelf basket that you can organize spices without wasting space and organize other bulky items. Also, installing pull-out shelves allows you to organize your baking supplies and food items by type. These are great for items that don’t stack well such as boxes of pasta or cereal versus jars of spices.

4. Keep food items separate from cleaning supplies, dishware or miscellaneous items.

Kitchen cabinets can quickly become cluttered if not used properly, so organize your pantry in a way that will make it easier to use. Some people organize their kitchen pantries based on how many dishes they have or by organizing everything from least used items to most used items to make it simple when grocery shopping. For example, keep all of your baking supplies in one section and organize them from least used item (i.e. cans of pumpkin puree) all the way to the most frequently used item (salt).

5. Use hanging spices for easy storage and access.

Much like canned goods, spices are best stored in an organized pantry rack that allows you to organize your spices by type or size rather than alphabetically. Hanging spices will be much easier to organize considering their different shapes, sizes and weights. For example, organize your chili powder with other dried chilies while keeping all of your cayenne pepper spice blends together on another shelf. Now it’s much easier to find what you’re looking for immediately without wasting time searching through everything!

Using these five tips for how to organize your pantry will have you enjoying the benefits of a tidy kitchen set-up in no time!