How To Get Free Downloadable Law Posters

Having the most current and compliant labor law posters is an essential, yet highly underestimated, requirement business owners have to adhere to. These posters contain information that protects, safeguards and ensures fairness for employees and employers. Staying compliant ensures that businesses do not get slapped with fines and lawsuits.

What are posting requirements?

There are a few factors that play a role when it comes to which posters a company should have on display, the factors are as follows:

Nature of the business, each industry has their own rules and regulations according to that specific industry. The second factor is where the business is situated, each state has its own labor law poster regulations. Thirdly, whether or not a business employs minors also plays a role in which posters should be displayed. The fourth factor is whether or not the employer has employees with disabilities. And finally the language spoken by employees will also play a factor in which posters are displayed.

All posters have to be displayed in a conspicuous place for all employees to be seen and read clearly. Usually businesses display these posters in canteens or break rooms. Employers should also send all remote working employees a digital copy of the posters. Posters may not be kept in a binder in any circumstances without being on display.

Which posters are mandatory for all employers?

There are some posters that are very common to find in the workplace and mandatory for all employers to have on display. These posters include the OSHA – Job Safety and Health Protection which informa workers of the regulations under the Occupational Health and Safety Act. The next is the OSHA Form 300 – Injury Log. This poster is required to be on display for employers who have more than 10 employees. It informs employees and employers of how to keep record of all injuries at the workplace. 

Another mandatory poster for all employers is the USERRA which is the Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act, this act reminds employers and employees of their rights and regulates discrimination when employing new workers. The Employee Polygraph Protection Act is another poster that is required by all employers. This regulation and law stipulates the rights workers have with regards to polygraph tests. The last one is the Employee Rights Under the Fair Labor Standards Act, this poster informs workers of minimum wage, overtime pay as well as their obligation to not discuss their salaries with coworkers.

Which posters are mandatory for some employers?

The following posters are compulsory for some employers best personal injury lawyers will tell you. The Notice to Workers with Disabilities or Special Minimum Wage. This poster is compulsory for employers to display that have disabled personel or workers who qualify for a special minimum wage. The next poster is compulsory for state and government employers this is called the State and Local Governments Under the Fair Labor Act poster. This poster informs workers of minimum wage, overtime as well as the minimum age for employment and how rules are regulated and enforced.The Family and Medical Leave Act poster is also compulsory for almost all employers. This poster covers how leave works around having a baby and adopting children.  

Companies that participated in E-verify would need the following posters; This Organisation Participates in E-Verify and If You Have The Right to Work, Don’t Let Anyone Take it Away. These posters ensure employees that employers will confirm that they are authorised to work with the government. It also insures them that there will be no discrimination against them if authorised to work.

How to get these posters for free?

Above we have only touched on some posters that business might have to have on display in the workplace. Making sure one’s business is current and compliant is very important and companies that specialize in labor law compliance are the best to contact to ensure a hundred percent compliance. 

Luckily, TRUiC provides a tool on their website which allows business owners to download labor law posters for free. This saves businesses money and time. One will also be able to print it yourself. They also have a great tool to see which states have which rules regarding labor law posters.