Townhouse Garages

The garage is a great space for any home, but it can become a place that easily piles up with things from all over the house. As a result, it can get pretty messy and unorganized pretty quickly.

A garage full of stuff could even take up your parking spot, which can be problematic for your vehicle, especially in the winter months when it needs some protection.

If the garage is full of too many things, then you could even forget what you have in there, which wastes money and resources. So to help, here are some tips to clear up your garage and make sure that things are more organized.

1. Use Ceiling Storage

The great thing about garages is that they tend to not have anything above them. So they have large ceilings, and nailing some hooks into the ceiling isn’t going to bother anyone.

So why not make use of the large ceiling space that you are bound to find in your garage? You could install hooks and put things like bikes and scooters up high, as well as hang bike helmets.

You could even install some shelving, using the height of the garage, and store things like tools, food storage, or seasonal items like holiday decorations.

2. Use a Local Storage Facility

If you have a garage that is full of stuff, but after looking at it all and sorting through it, you still need and want it all, then using a local storage facility can be a good idea.

You can have the items out of the garage which is useful, especially if there are large and bulky items, but you still have access to them as and when you need them.

If you need to make space for another car, for example, then using a local storage facility can help you to clear some more space. 

3. Bring Items into the House

A garage can become a bit of a dumping ground for other items from around the house. But are there items that could actually go into the house, to help you to clear the garage and get it more organized?

For example, some people often use a garage as a space to store dried goods and non-perishable items. In order to make the most of them, would they be better stored in kitchen cabinets or a pantry?

Go through the items that are in your garage and then look at what you could actually find a space for in your home. 

4. Donate

Going through the items in your garage is a good thing to do to get it more organized. What you might find is that there are a number of items that you no longer need or use.

If you have children and they have all grown up, then do you need to have their strollers and highchairs in the garage anymore? These are things that could be easily donated if they are in good condition, clearing space in your garage and helping someone else at the same time. 

5. Sell

If you find that you have some items that have been in your garage for a while, but you hardly use them so they’re still in great condition, then it could be a good idea to sell those items.

You could donate them, of course, but things like mountain bikes, hiking gear, sports equipment, garden equipment, and other items could sell quite well. Just check the condition of them and ask for a reasonable price.

There are a number of ways to sell locally too, with local Facebook groups for selling and swapping, as well as using sites online like eBay or Craigslist.

6. Tool Storage

If you have a number of tools in the garage, then they need to be organized otherwise you won’t know what you have and won’t know where to look when you do need them.

A toolbox might be enough to suit your needs, but for others, getting some proper tool storage can be a good idea. It could be shelving with boxes, hooks on the walls, or labelled cubbies that help.

Whatever you have space for, make the most of it and you’ll be able to get your tools organized.

Taking some time to organize and rearrange your garage can be really beneficial. Not only will you clearly see what you have, but you can get rid of the things that you no longer need, and might even make a little money.

For everything else, it could be stored elsewhere, such as in the home or in a local storage facility.