Cutting Edge Innovations for In-Car Entertainment

We all remember the days when a simple cassette player wired up to a couple of speakers was the norm with in-car audio, yet fast forward to today and you have so many options to bring you the ultimate in-car audio and video.  Rather than purchasing media player and a pair of speakers, most audio enthusiasts will invest in a top-rated media player, a good power amp and a set of hi-end coaxial speakers, which come together to bring you superior audio and video quality.

The Media Player

Also known as the head unit, this is the device that provides the signal, which might be AM/FM radio, CD, DVD or an MP3 file on a memory stick. The latest generation of players have touch-screen control and you can integrate your smartphone and the Internet, allowing you to use mapping apps for directions, and many are voice activated, which provides a safer driving experience. If you want the very best at a reasonable price, check out the Sony XAV AX1000, a state-of-the-art unit that has many great features. Of all the components, the media player is likely to be the most expensive, as this ultimately decides on the quality of playback.

Apple CarPlay

Trust Apple to be at the very cutting edge of in-car entertainment, and their Apple CarPlay empowers you in so many ways, simply plug in your iPhone and away you go. Touch the icons to receive calls, text messages, check your email inbox and you can ask for directions or play your favourite tunes without taking your eyes off the road. It isn’t just the car that can benefit from smart solutions, as this article about smart technology in the home explains.

Power Amplifiers

While the media player has a built-in amplifier, most car audio enthusiasts prefer to fit a power amp under the front seat, and with 4-channels and a power range from 400W to 1,500W, you can drive a set of four hi-end coaxial speakers. This gives you crystal clear sound at all levels, plus power without distortion, for the ultimate listening experience for you and your passengers. If you’re worried about disturbing people with your powerful audio system, here are some details regarding the law.

Coaxial Speakers

The best there is can be found with the online in-car entertainment supplier, with JBL leading the charge to bring us the very best in speaker quality, and coupled with the media player and a good power amp, you have all the components you need for a top-rated sound system. If you are at all unsure about which speakers to choose, the supplier has a wealth of hands-on experience in putting together award-winning systems and they can advise you accordingly.

If you work out your budget, then search online, you will find an Australian supplier of hi-end car audio equipment and you can acquire the individual components to create a top of the range in-car hi-fi system, and with professional installation, you will have the best in-car sound system for a reasonable price.