What is RoboEarth?

RoboEarth allows robots to:

In addition to the cloud-based infrastructure, RoboEarth offers ROS-compatible, robot-unspecific components for high level control of the robot. See software-components for more details.

RoboEarth offers a Cloud Robotics infrastructure, which includes everything needed to close the loop from robot to the cloud and back to the robot. RoboEarth’s World-Wide-Web style database stores knowledge generated by humans – and robots – in a machine-readable format. Data stored in the RoboEarth knowledge base include software components, maps for navigation (e.g., object locations, world models), task knowledge (e.g., action recipes, manipulation strategies), and object recognition models (e.g., images, object models).

The RoboEarth Cloud Engine (also called Rapyuta) makes powerful computation available to robots. It allows robots to offload their heavy computation to secure computing environments in the cloud with minimal configuration. The Cloud Engine’s computing environments provide high bandwidth access to the RoboEarth knowledge repository enabling robots to benefit from the experience of other robots

More in-depth information can be found in RoboEarth – A World Wide Web for Robots (PDF) published in the IEEE Robotics and Automation Magazine and in Rapyuta: The RoboEarth Cloud Engine (PDF) published in the Proceedings of ICRA 2013. You may also want to browse the RoboEarth Blog or subscribe to our newsletter using the link at the bottom of this page.

The following playlist contains contains all the RoboEarth videos describing major milestones.