Why Use a GIS Format Conversion Website?

There are various types of GIS data. It contains spreadsheet data, digital data, cartographic data, and photographic data. Cartographic data is usually in a map form, and it shows positions of various things like rivers, valleys, and roads, for instance. Photographic data involves photographs of aerial views that contain some specific features. Ideally, photographic data is an essential part of GIS because it shows a clear view that can be analyzed. Moreover, GIS data can also be in a spreadsheet format that shows specific data like population and demographics. The data contains demographics like age and income, for instance.

A GIS system has two main types of data formats, vector, and raster such as KML and KMZ files. A vector format uses nodes, and it is exceptional in storing data that has borders, for instance, states or streets. A raster format uses pixels, and it is excellent in storing varying data. For starters, it is useful in storing data like the elevation of a place and imagery.

The GIS data is primarily enormous, and recreating the whole data would require a lot of resources. Thus, GIS data conversion is good, and it is also a cost-effective way of making substantial GIS datasets usable together. When the information gets converted into a suitable format, it becomes easier to use them for a more productive purpose. GIS format conversion websites are excellent tools in converting both vector and raster data to suitable formats. To use the conversion websites, you have first to upload your vector of raster data to the site, and you have to wait until the conversion gets completed. Once you have converted the data into a suitable format, you can download the converted file, and use it accordingly.

Generally, one of the most common uses of a GIS system is comparing natural features in a particular demographic area, and the human activities in a specific area. The natural features are in the cartographic data, and the human activities are in the demographic data. Thus, to adequately compare the natural features and human activities, you need to use both the cartographic and the demographic data. To make the two sets of data usable together, they must get converted to a suitable data format. It is where a GIS conversion website comes in. An adequate converter like the kmz to shp would help in converting datasets to a suitable format.

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