Why Many UK Teachers are Working Abroad

The British system of education is globally accepted as the best there is and as you would expect, there are many international schools throughout the world that require UK native teachers to teach their curriculum, which happens to be the UK National Curriculum. This creates a demand for qualified UK teachers, indeed a great many take up the expat posting, thanks to the attractive salary and many perks.

Favoured Postings

A top-rated school such as https://www.standrewsgreenvalley.com/ would be a very popular posting, as Thailand has many international schools to service foreign and the children of wealthy Thais and these schools recruit from the mainland UK. The Ministry of Education would have details of foreign postings, while many prominent schools in the UK have twin schools in foreign countries. Thailand is a great place to spend 3 years and with all your accommodation and living costs taken care of, you could save a considerable amount of money with a 3-year contract. Singapore and Hong Kong are also attractive postings from a teacher’s perspective, while the Middle East is another huge education market, where high tax-free salaries are the norm. Wherever we live, at least 30 minutes of nature is beneficial to us all, which should be a daily thing.

Living Expenses

Of course, we all have living expenses and when you are teaching in a foreign country, most of your living costs are covered, either with direct payments or claiming at the end of the month. If you are single, then you would share a fully furnished house with a couple of other teachers, plus you would receive general travel allowance, should travel be necessary.

Medical insurance would be another perk you can expect to receive, which would cover your family if they are accompanying you, and medical treatment is very expensive in countries like Thailand, so you do need insurance.

Tax-Free Salaries

While this is not possible in some countries, if you work in the Middle East, you would be exempt from paying income tax on your earnings, which might mean you have to open an offshore bank account. Moving to a foreign country is no small thing and in order to attract UK qualified teachers of all levels, a very attractive package is offered, which is the main reason so many teachers choose this path. Click here for UK government information about living and working abroad.

Improved Working Conditions

Schools in the UK are stretched regarding resources, while international schools in foreign countries have healthy budgets and that means all the best teaching resources are at your disposal, and with small classes, you can pay individual students the attention they need. The term fees are very high in countries like Thailand and the middle and upper class families send their children to international schools, so schools have great facilities in their campus, such as swimming pools and state-of-the-art computer labs.

Living and working in a foreign country broadens your horizons and if you are single and looking for a great career, you could become a qualified teacher and that opens many doors. Teaching is a noble profession and teachers are greatly respected in Thailand, as the givers of knowledge and wisdom and a 3-year contract can usually be extended indefinitely if you wish to stay.