Why 30 Minutes of Nature A Day Can Be Beneficial

Planet Earth is filled with the most beautiful places. There are deserts, mountains, pastures, and canyons that fill space with immense beauty. By spending time with nature there can be so many ways to increase happiness. Our physical well being is heavily affected by nature, according to Helen Lee Schifter. The production of stress hormones can easily be reduced by stepping outdoors and breathing in the fresh air. 

The benefits of nature thirty minutes a day can be endless. Going on a walk to a local park or playing outside with your kids can bond us with nature. Building positive memories associated with nature can help future generations enjoy it as well. It can be hard to predict how future generations will react to taking care of the planet. Hopefully, they will be able to continue sustainability initiatives. Depression is very common for many Americans. Going out for a walk can help the body release stress and melancholy feelings because of the endorphins released in the brain. Moods go up the more natural essences they incorporate with their daily routines. Many of those with ADHD, attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder, go outside to help with attention spans. Being able to focus on other things is very crucial for people who might need assistance with focusing. Going outside as a distraction from work is also a great way to pause any overthinking activity. Helen Lee Schifter recommends that spending as much time as possible outside can really help develop wellness and mental progression. Healing powers can cone from nature if you keep an open heart and mind. For thousands of years, people survived without electronics or modern medicine. Nature was the ultimate healer.