Why Camping is Becoming so Popular in the UK

If you live in the United Kingdom, you are fortunate enough to have so much natural beauty around you and it is no surprise to learn that camping is a huge trend in the UK during the summer months. Let’s examine some of the reasons why people are choosing camping as opposed to any other type of holiday.

  • Connecting with Nature – If you live and work in a city, you are surrounded by concrete and when those long weekends come along, it is so nice to load up the 4X4 and head off to the coast for a few days and immerse yourself in the beauty of the countryside. There are so many great locations within England, Scotland and Wales, so you will never run out of places to visit.
  • Affordability – We all know how expensive hotels are, yet camping really does slash your holiday costs, especially when you are doing your own cooking. Once you made the initial investment of your camping gear, that’s pretty much it. We all know just how much of our holiday money goes on accommodation and you can eliminate this by camping in one of the many sites around the country.
  • Freedom & Independence – When you book a couple of weeks at a resort, then you are pretty much restricted; not so with camping – if you don’t like a particular place, simply hitch up the trailer and off you go! Equally, if you fall in love with a secluded spot, you can stay as long as you like, as there are no schedules to follow, leaving you firmly in the driving seat. If you are looking for a quality 4X4 vehicle, Nene Overland have some great bargains, both new and used, all at affordable prices. Planning your route is easy with some online research and that will enable you to acquaint yourself with a region and plan your daily outings.
  • Top-Rated Campsites – As the popularity of camping soared, this led to more campsites being opened and it doesn’t matter which part of the UK you are planning to visit, there will be a choice of campsites. Not only are they secure, they also have the facilities and amenities that you need, with hot water showers, restrooms and, of course, electricity on demand. Happy campers leave their online comments, which you can read while on the campsite’s website.
  • Caravans – If you want a step up in luxury, why not invest in a caravan? Used or new, modern caravans are amazing and you can tow the caravan behind your SUV, which empowers you to head off whenever you feel like it. If you are really adventurous, why not go camping on a big bike, as so many young couples do.
  • Special Events – Every summer in the UK, there are motor racing events and music concerts, so whatever your particular passion, you can enjoy camping and save a lot of money. Whether the Reading Pop Festival or the British Grand Prix at Silverstone, campers are well catered for, with nearby sites that are almost always full.

All you need to enjoy camping in the UK is a suitable vehicle for towing and your camping gear, then when the good weather arrives in April, you can look forward to a summer of camping around the British Isles.