Which Are the Best Tech Companies To Work For in the UK?

Few industries attract as many headlines as the technology industry. Every year, thousands of new tech companies launch in Britain. In fact, in 2019, the tech sector grew 6 times faster than any other industry. However, while tech start-ups are usually the major focus for investors, new tech workers are far more attracted to the sector’s biggest companies. 

If you are thinking about a job in the technology industry, you might be wondering which is the best tech company to work for in the UK. This article will detail the best tech companies to work for in the UK based on the company’s reviews, and will also tell you how you can boost your chances of getting a job in one of these organizations. 


Last year, according to Indeed, Apple was named the best company to work for in Britain. As a result, it is also one of the best tech companies to work for in the country, and, indeed, the world. 

Apple’s success is down to its great rates of pay, promotion of enjoyable work culture, health and fitness benefits, and discounted rates for tech. According to one employee, Apple’s great work environment is down to the company values, as it seems that they value and encourage creativity and unique personalities. 

If you want to shine as an individual, Apple could be the right company for you. Moreover, with nearly 6,500 employees in the UK, there are plenty of roles to choose from.  

GDS Group

GDS group describes itself as a ‘global events, research and tech services company’, and has also been ranked as one of the best tech countries to work for in the UK. 

Unlike Apple, GDS Group’s headquarters are in the UK, but they also have offices based in New York, Miami, and Kosovo. 

However, despite having headquarters all over the world, GDS only has 300 people employed across the business. Their ratings are so high because they pride themselves on having an incredibly close-knit community. 

Not only does GDS have a close community of workers, but they also pride themselves on their commitment to training and rewarding their employees. 

If you are thinking about a technology career where you can truly shine as an individual and receive training throughout your career, the GDS group could be the right company for you. 


Founded in 1984, this company specializes in IT, networking, and cybersecurity. This company is huge and now employs around 74,000 people.

While you might believe that a company as large as this might not treat everyone as an individual, you would be wrong. The company prides itself on ‘making a “meaningful difference that will benefit everyone – our people, our customers, and the world around us.” 


Everyone knows the company Microsoft. Since its foundation in the 1970s, Microsoft has grown into a multi-billion pound company that employs nearly 150,000 people. 

Microsoft has several bases in the UK (like London, Reading, Cambridge, Edinburgh, and Manchester), and has consistently scored as one of the best tech companies to work for. 

The company has been described as a ‘wonderful place to work’. According to employees, the company is dynamic and exciting and offers a lot of scopes to develop and grow as an individual. 


Siemens is another huge company and was founded over 170 years ago. Not only does this company have a long history, but it is also a gigantic company. In total, Siemens employs around 377,000 people. In the UK, Siemens employs 15,000 people and has been praised for the way they treat their employees. 

How to boost your chances of getting a job in tech

These companies have all been praised for the way they treat their employees. If you are thinking about applying for a role in the technology sector, you may be seriously considering a role in one of these companies. However, with high employee ratings, it is no wonder that job openings in these companies are hugely competitive. Therefore, to get a role, you need to do everything you can to stand out from the crowd. Here are some easy ways you can do that. 

Research the company before you apply

Before you apply to any job in the tech sector, you need to make sure you do some thorough research on the company to see what they are currently working on and what they expect from each employer. Once you know the company’s ethos and values, you can alter your CV to match. This will make you stand out to recruiters as it will prove to them that you are interested in the company and that you will be a good fit. 

Keep it short and sweet

Recruiters will not spend a long time looking at your CV, especially when the role is incredibly competitive. You, therefore, need to make sure that your resumé is short, sweet, and to the point. In most cases, you should make sure that you keep your CV under two pages long, and only include information that is relevant to the role you are applying for. If you are struggling to fit all the information in a regular CV, why not write a digital CV? Putting your credentials on a website will not only give you more space to write, but it will also highlight your proficiency with technology. 

Don’t forget your cover letter

Although many people believe that cover letters are no longer a necessary part of a job application, they are a great way for your future employers to get a snapshot of what you are like as a person and why you, and no one else, are perfect for the job you are applying for. Even if cover letters are not necessary for every job application, they are a great addition that shows you are seriously interested in the role you are applying for.