What to Look for as Virtual Reality Advances

We have been hearing that virtual reality is right around the corner for several years now, and while there are some VR out there, it hasn’t taken over the etch world like one may have thought.

So, why is that?

Well, a lot of it has to do with perfecting it. Consumers demand the best and releasing a product before it’s perfect would be very bad. While Glasses to protect eyes from computer screens are simple and cheap, yet provide protection, with virtual reality, the kits on the market now are great, but they can be expensive and I think the big VR boom will be when something like XBox-VR or Playstation-VR hit and bring affordable VR consoles to the market.

When that does happen here are some things to keep an eye on.

More VR Online Shopping Technology

Imagine if you were shopping online and you wanted to try something on before you bought it to see how it would look on you? Well, with VR that is not only a possibility, but something that I guarantee will happen.

This will bring online shopping to the next level and create a fun experience that will make it even more personalized. Sadly though, this will just take an even larger chunk of retail, and may be the final nail in retail’s coffin.

The Video Game Industry Will Change Forever

Esports is such a huge market now, so just wait until VR is mainstream and all games are interactive. This will translate into more tournaments, more intense online gameplay and the most lifelike adventure and action games to ever hit the market.

Sports games will feature lifelike action and fighting games and even car racing games can be made to feel almost real. “The player experience is going to be taken to an entirely new level because of this technology,” explains Tony Rush of car stereo website HiFi Sound Connection.

Facebook to Emerge as a Leader

Now, social media will also evolve and some have already started to dabble with virtual reality, with Snapchat introducing several different VR features. They just aren’t the most popular social network these days, so it really hasn’t taken off.

But, when Facebook goes all-in on virtual reality expect them to make a huge splash and be the leader. Nothing they ever do is half effort. “I’m sure they have it all planned out and ready to go. They are just waiting on the perfect time to go live and dominate. That is what they do,” says Chris Moberg of Slumber Search.

Apps Will All Be VR Focused

Just like with social media, apps will be virtual reality focused as well, and when phones require special glasses to interact with VR look for all apps to offer a VR and non-VR version.

“From games to checking account balances — everything will be in virtual reality, making you one with your phone in every way imaginable,” predicts James Davis of ecommerce outsourcing company Staff Outsourcing.

Many businesses will also be able to get in on the action, releasing VR apps that allow their customers to interact with their business in person, from unlocking special deals to viewing specials as they shop.

The opportunities are truly endless with VR technology.