Technology has not just changed our homes, it has changed us. Our phone has become an extension of who we are in today’s world. Naturally, we want them to look nice, while also being functional. Some ideas for you to accomplish this are below for you. 


Changing your phone case is probably the simplest way to add style to your phone. Cases come in an enormous range of colors and styles. If you want a green case with lightning bolts, you can find it. If you want a rainbow case with unicorn insignia, you can find that too. The sky is the limit. 

Many cases also add functional elements like

  • a storage compartment to hide a key, ID, or money
  • a kickstand that allows the phone to stand by itself on a desk
  • a slide-out Bluetooth keyboard to make it easier to write tweets
  • a bottle opener to open beer bottles at a party
  • a maze game that you can play when bored
  • a multi-functional tool case for any number of uses.

There is literally a phone case for everything. And they all look great. It doesn’t matter if you have an iPhone, Android, or a Pixel. Check out the best pixel 3a cases.

Pop Sockets

Now, PopSockets are a relatively new addition to the phone accessory lineup, but they are fast becoming essential accessories for both the style they add and their functionality. PopSockets are circular extendable stick-on attachment that helps you to hold your phone securely so that you don’t have to worry about smashing your screen. There are over 1,000 different styles of PopSockets, ranging from branded Star Wars right through to marble. If you want a custom one made with your choice of design and material, you can get that too. 

Now, there are even PopMounts, PopPower Wireless Chargers, PopWallets to accessorize with your PopSocket. 

Home Screen Icons and Wallpaper


Decorating the outside of the phone isn’t the only way to add style. Decorating the inside can add even more, and give it an aesthetic. Any image can be used as wallpaper for your phone, from a solid color to an intricate pattern design. Sites like or even offer a huge range of options that you can use for your phone wallpaper. 

Phone Icons

Phone icons are trickier to change than wallpapers, but it is still possible. And the results are worth it. Changing the design of icons can make them easier to see, or make it easier to remember what you use the app to do. 

From iOS 14 onwards, Apple has made it very easy to choose home page icons that add to the aesthetic you are trying to achieve, with the introduction of the Shortcuts app. By using the app you can not only change the color of the icon, but also choose custom glyphs. Full instructions on how to change icons can be found here on the Apple website. 

Android users cannot change the default icons themselves, but they can replace them with more stylish icons by using apps from the Play Store. 

Choosing to change any of the above options will increase the stylishness of your phone, and add functionality. If you want your phone to look nicer, consider changing up your case or homepage design, or even add a PopSocket.