Improving Your Site’s SEO Ranking

Every marketer is interested in raising their search engine optimization (SEO) in order to bring in more viewers and potential customers. SEO is one of the basic building blocks of all social media success. Here are a few tips on how to achieve SEO proficiency from SEO services New York experts in the marketing and social media field:

Make quality content your number one goal

If quality didn’t matter so much, bloggers and other social media exploiters could simply publish names from the telephone book or pages of ancient Latin text. It’s obvious that relevant quality content is what attracts viewers — yet it’s not quite as obvious HOW to produce enough quality content to satisfy the voracious appetite of today’s social media universe. While there is not one single simple answer to that question, there is this marketing axiom that holds true: If you don’t have quality content available, rerun quality material from previous posts. Here’s the secret to this process — the average social media surfer is going to forget even the best content he or she ever read in a matter of weeks, so it can be used again, just slightly altered. 

And don’t forget the importance of keywords in your content

Search algorithms change all the time, so there’s no single surefire way to always engage them. But mathematics experts tell us that algorithms created to search out keywords will always respond to repetition. The more repetition the better. So if this article needed a keyword for its SEO success it would continue to use the world repetition. That’s right, right now this article is turning the word repetition into a keyword that algorithms intrinsically can’t ignore. Repetition. Get the idea? With Chester SEO Agency, expert help is nearer than you think. Take advantage!

Use descriptive links

“Click here” is not a descriptive link. It’s boring. Viewers will resent being told what to do in such an abrupt manner. Use keywords in your links to get higher viewing rates.