How to Use Technology to Prevent Sexual Harassment

asian worker harassed by colleague

Sexual harassment in the workplace is, unfortunately, nothing new. However, there are new ways to prevent it from happening, as well as new ways to report it. Any behavior that includes inappropriate or unwelcome sexual remarks and physical advances in the workplace, professional environment, or social setting is considered sexual harassment and should be dealt with.

Many victims of sexual harassment are hesitant to report the offensive behavior for fear of repercussions at their place of employment. You might feel uneasy about the consequences of going to your human resources (HR) department, or even filing a claim with a San Francisco sexual harrassment laywer. However, many employers are discovering how to use technology to prevent sexual harassment.

Vantage Point

This cutting edge sexual harassment training program uses virtual reality technology to engage and interact with trainees. Vantage Point is considered one of the leading sexual harassment training technologies for corporations. The focus is on identification of these behaviors, bystander intervention, and response training.

During the training, you will go through realistic situations as if they’re almost happening in real life, causing the program to be more effective through situational memory retention. You receive psychological rewards when positive actions take place. Data collected from the program tests and shows the trainees empathy level and potentially dangerous employees can be identified.

Talk to Spot Training

This sexual harassment training app offers interactive content that engages trainees, employees, and supervisors. Spot includes illustrated Instagram-like stories that are more palpable than long videos, quiz questions on the training content, definition cards on legal terms and definitions, as well as interactive messaging chats that make you feel like a part of the story.

Spot easily keeps track of when you complete each training section, and offers automatic reminders of when you need to complete the next session and get your completion certificates. Perhaps the best feature is the ability for employees to submit anonymous questions on training content, so that supervisors and employers can respond from the dashboard. Victims can also make reports through the app.


A new and exciting platform that helps with all sorts of employee-employer issues is Bravely. This platform provides a way for employers and employees to connect with professional coaches at any time. You can discuss ways to improve relationships, how to prepare for performance reviews, ways to better manage duties and responsibilities, and sexual harassment issues.

Certified coaches and experienced human resource partners from outside your company will help employees to create a plan to resolve issues before they come to your HR department. The conversations remain anonymous, so there is no fear of repercussions. Bravely helps employees and employers feel more confident about filing reports and resolving sexual harassment cases.

Education and Anonymity 

Technological advances allow for employees to have access to better sexual harassment training, as well as anonymity when it comes to questions and concerns. There will be less uncertainty about what is and isn’t considered sexual harassment. People will feel less fear about discussing and reporting issues, thanks to new companies that utilize technology in both training and conversations surrounding the issue.