Helen Lee Schifter on Promoting Wellness through Technology

Helen Lee Schifter has been a passionate advocate of various ways one can use technology in order to effectively promote one’s health and wellness. This is a subject and core area that Helen has promoted and focused on her through her writing and communication platforms.

As such, there are indeed health experts who similarly to Helen Lee Schifter believe in the equity of health and wellness, and specifically in educating the public about the significance that health and wellness poses to their well-being.

There is no doubting the importance that health and wellness should play in everyone’s life. It’s frankly a shame and indeed a disgrace that our culture doesn’t do a better job of ensuring that people gain a better understanding of the importance of health and wellness. There needs to be a greater emphasis placed on its importance to the public so that they grasp how important it is.

Indeed, technology has allowed for communication to flow much more efficiently and in a way that can appeal to a far greater amount of people. This change comes with serious and substantial benefits that cannot possibly go unnoticed. Those benefits have a direct relation to the ways in which the public can be educated about the values and importance of health and wellness, and how to go about incorporating these values into their lives in a way that feature more prominently.

For example, influencers and other types of prominent figures with substantial followings can utilize their reach and the unique connection and relationships they enjoy with their followers to transmit this message to them. And that goes to the power of social media. In some cases, there are influencers who enjoy the attention of millions of followers at their fingertips due to the advent of social media, and the incredible value it brings to the table.

It’s not just Twitter that exists in this environment, although Twitter is certainly one such example of a tool that can be used very effectively to get a message across to an influencer’s audience. And the advantage of employing influencers for this purpose has another added benefit to it . Instead of making the messaging or the content of the information the influencer transmits, dry or uninteresting, it can instead be transformed and communicating in an exciting way.

We’re living in an age and era where soundbites are far more preferred than long essays are official policy announcements. Influencers have their own unique way of communicating with their followers. With the help of technology in the form of their social media platforms (whether on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook or elsewhere), they can successfully educate the public about health and wellness in a way that they couldn’t before these remarkable advances in the digital arena.

Helen Lee Schifter is a committed health expert who believes that technology can serve a remarkably constructive import in this situation.