Customize the Perfect Photobook Using These Simple Steps

Whether you want to capture the progress of your weight loss journey or are looking to share your baby’s milestones with your spouse, nothing beats the power of what photobooks can achieve. If you want to customize the perfect photo book without putting in too much work, our step-by-step guideline at MixBook will help you craft a masterpiece.

Getting started

At MixBook, we assume that you already have a mental picture of what you want. If you get stuck, do not hesitate to peruse our gallery. Alternatively, you can follow these simple steps to come up with an instant photo book.

Select your photo book size

MixBook has a wide range of photos you can try copying, but before you narrow down on your search for the perfect photo book, try to select the right size. For example, if it is a family photo, you need to select the precise measurements to not end up with something that will not fit on a bookshelf.

Choose a style

The primary goal of a photo book is to convey a message. If yours is a wedding photo, go for a style that will capture all the details about that occasion. If you are not sure about what style to go for, please use any of our templates.

Upload the picture

Our gallery is filled with a variety of styles and themes for different occasions. It is up to you to decide which one suits your purpose. The best way of narrowing your choice is by going for common themes. Make it unique by adding a tiny detail by adding captions.

Edit your photo

Mixbook has a photo editor that allows you to create a unique name for your book. Every book has a different story to tell. Make sure the caption matches the photo’s requirements.

Customize it

Whether you are a professional at customizing photo books or are doing it for the first time, selecting the right layout, background, and other additions should not be daunting. Play around with designs and other features to decide which one works for you. Once you find what you are looking for, feel free to upload it.

Customize the cover

A story should end with a conclusion, and that is pretty much what your cover should emulate. Save it for last. But if your album is lacking a cover photo, you do not need to worry. You can still give it a name. As a newbie, creating a unique name can be daunting. The best way of achieving it is by going simple. Try to remember when you took the photo. For example, if you were on your honeymoon in Paris, you can try to go with names such as “Honeymoon meets Paris- the City of Love.” If it was a camping trip, you could try going with “An Encounter with Nature.” Remember, no one is perfect. As long as it depicts your story, then you have no reason to worry.

Customize your photobook with MixBook

A photo book has a unique story to tell. Think of what was going on when you took that photo. It helps with setting the scene and helping you to make the right choices. We hope that our guidelines will help you craft the best photo book ever to live. Do not hesitate to contact our representatives if you get stuck.