5 Tech Sectors That Offer Great Career Prospects

If you are soon to finish your formal education and are thinking about careers, there are many exciting new technologies emerging that would offer great career opportunities. If you are leaning towards a technical field, here are some of the top tech sectors that offer challenging and rewarding career opportunities.

  1. Robotics – Not exactly new tech, although developments in both hardware and software make for attractive solutions for manufacturing and warehousing businesses. If you love building things and have a solid understanding of electrical engineering, you are ideally qualified to step into the entry level of robotics.
  2. SEO – Digital marketing is enjoying a boost since the global pandemic emerged, as more and more consumers turn to e-commerce, and if you enjoy the challenge that comes with marketing and are a competent IT user, a career in SEO promises a rosy future. In a few years, you could be headhunted by the best digital marketing agency in Sydney and that means high salaries all the way. This is a very interesting field, with many specialist avenues that you can pursue, such as social media marketing, search engine optimisation and others, and if you like working online, you will love SEO.
  3. Artificial Intelligence – AI is used by major players like Google and Amazon in many ways and this exciting sector offers unlimited potential for humanity and getting in at the start would be a wise career move. You might prefer to get into 5G, which will also remain a strong sector for many years, and according to the experts, AI will become a major part in all of our lives, in more ways than one. Here is a good article on automated warehouse solutions, which shows how much AI has already made an impact.
  4. Hi-Tech Logistics – The next generation of automation includes interactive vending machines, touch-screen information boards, medical equipment and fitness machines, all of which have to be installed, configured and tested, ready for use. This combines physical and mental work and you would spend a lot of time training for certification to work with specific equipment, plus you would learn how to final-position large and expensive pieces of equipment, which can be very challenging.
  5. Automated Transport – Drones are already in use by forward-thinking organisations such as Amazon and you can expect to see drones used extensively across the world, to deliver small packages to the recipient, which will revolutionise the logistics industry. Driverless cars will very soon be the norm, which should eliminate road traffic accidents, and these require technicians, just as regular vehicles, only the work would be more technical than mechanical, especially with electric vehicles. Here is some Australian government information about automated vehicles, which makes for an informative read.

The future tech looks very exciting and anyone who is looking at careers should seriously consider the above options, as they all offer great potential and are going to be in demand for many years to come.