WNY Holdings LLC Marketing Manager Christopher Lee Shares 5 Ways to Personalize Your Content Marketing on a Budget

Personalization used to be as simple as placing a company’s name in an email newsletter. These days, however, branded marketing has become a multi-million-dollar industry. With the increasingly competitive digital marketplace, it is now essential for businesses to have a clearly defined and recognizable brand identity and unique and engaging content that invites customers to check-in with their online profiles.

In this article, Christopher Lee, WNY Holdings LLC Marketing Manager, shares five cost-effective tips for adding a personal touch to your marketing campaigns.

Landing Page

One of the first places to examine is a company’s lead capture form. Many businesses start with the lead capture form as the first step in identifying how to personalize a content marketing strategy. Most landing page capture forms ask for basic contact details such as name, company, or job title and other information such as products or services a client may be interested in or things they wished the company would provide. The information collected on this page is essential for determining basic personalization for further communication.

Track Behavior of Your Audience

One way to personalize your marketing outreach efforts is to pay attention to how people interact with your business online. As you identify trends in interaction and navigation, you can more easily determine which content would be relevant to your customer base. This will help you make more content in the future and improve the overall user experience on your site or social media profiles. You could even spin this knowledge into your email or social media campaigns, tailoring specific messages to clients that fit a particular interest group. After these campaigns go live, you can track the efficacy and make adjustments as needed.

Utilize Quizzes or Polls

One of the easiest ways to identify what your audience wants to read or follow is to ask them. Many online tools are either free or relatively inexpensive, allowing businesses to reach out to customers to ask for feedback. These tools are easy to use, and some will even aggregate the data for you. Based on the data collected, your business can then fine-tune its content marketing to align with the consumer’s interests.


There are many geolocation tools out there that your business can use to help facilitate personalization. Geolocation uses the IP address of a site visitor and then provides unique personalization such as local product promotion, nearby store locations, language preferences, and even modifying site visuals. Simple tricks like showing a mountain for those who live in Colorado or promoting products for the season/region a person can go a long way in determining the overall customer experience.

About Christopher Lee

Christopher Lee is the Marketing Manager at WNY Holdings LLC, a digital marketing

company that serves to provide quality marketing solutions for small businesses.

Christopher Lee goes above and beyond for clients, helping them make data-driven decisions

that will increase their keyword rankings and visibility to attract and convert more customers.

Aside from SEO services, WNY Holdings LLC offers content marketing, web design, graphic design, media creation, and social media advertising. They focus on creating an excellent user

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Mr. Lee is focused on fostering a productive and stimulating working environment. This helps

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