When to Seek a Second Opinion in Your Personal Injury Case

Finding the right lawyer to represent your personal injury case is a daunting task. You want someone competent, knowledgeable, and with a track record for success in cases like yours. Unfortunately, the first lawyer you talk to isn’t always the best option.

If you’ve recently had an initial consultation with an attorney and aren’t satisfied with the outcome, then it’s time to seek a second opinion. Here’s how to go about finding another opinion, and when you should take another lawyer’s advice.

The Issue of Trust

Regardless of the type of claim, the lawyer-client relationship is a vital aspect of moving forward with any case. Your attorney handles every aspect of your case, is privy to personal information, and hopefully will get you the best settlement or compensation possible.

If you trust your lawyer, then you should also trust their opinion about your case. They might say that this claim isn’t worth pursuing, or that you would end up spending money on the trial even after gaining compensation for your injury. If that’s the case, then you should trust their legal knowledge on the matter.

If you don’t trust your lawyer, however, you might want to seek a second opinion. Maybe you feel as though they don’t have your best interest in mind or disagree with their decision to settle outside of court. Simply put, go with your gut instinct.

The Issue of Ability

While you may trust your lawyer as a person, you might not have faith in their ability to pursue the case. Larger cases require a higher level of skill from attorneys. That’s how they gain the highest amount of compensation possible for medical bills and time spent off work.

You should seek a second opinion if you feel that your attorney’s abilities fall short of the claim. Determining this is as simple as looking at their track record. Do they have a history of winning cases similar to yours? If not, start looking elsewhere.

Getting a Second Opinion

Finding a second opinion requires you to do the same research that led you to the first lawyer you spoke with. Personal injury attorneys in Mississippi recommend looking for the following aspects:

  • Examine their case history to see if it matches your type of claim
  • Look at their ratings on the Bar Association as well as online
  • Read reviews from clients they have represented
  • Schedule an initial meeting to get a better feel for themselves and their law office
  • Plan a second meeting to better understand how they might handle your case

If a second lawyer tell you the case isn’t one you should pursue, then your original lawyer was right. However, you might find an able and trustworthy lawyer with the skills to get the compensation you deserve.

There’s no harm in looking around, especially when your health is on the line as a result of someone else’s negligence. You always have the option to choose who represents you in court. So, take advantage of that choice.