What’s the Recommended Temperature for the Best Sleep?

Air conditioners are notorious for keeping homes, cars, and offices cool during the summer. But what about sleep? What temperature is best to sleep in at night?

You know that feeling of being just so exhausted you can’t go on? 

That’s because your body is telling you it’s time for bed. But the amount of light in our environment, exercise levels, and temperature all play a role in how much sleep we get each night. Our bodies are regulated by a circadian rhythm which determines when we feel tired if not rested enough during waking hours; this cycle gets its cues from environmental factors like exposure to natural sunlight as well as personal habits such as sleeping times or diet choices.

These three things combined with other information about ourselves helps us regulate the proper rest cycles needed every day.

There’s no best temperature for everyone when it comes to sleeping best at night. Individuals may feel more comfortable with a certain room temperature while others prefer a higher or lower setting. The best bedroom temperature for sleep, according to a National poll, is 65 degrees Fahrenheit, which may vary by a few degrees from person to person, so most doctors recommend keeping the thermostat set between 60 and 67F at night to help regulate body temp while you’re sleeping.

Here are some things that will help anyone sleep better no matter what temperature their bedroom is:

Be consistent

Getting up in the middle of the night to turn your air conditioners off or open your windows isn’t doing you any good.

A constant temperature will help your body get used to a certain setting, whether it’s warm or cool. You’ll be more comfortable with that temperature and thus sleep best at night.

Choose the right color

Light can affect how well you sleep best at night as well. If your room is too bright, you may not feel like sleeping at night.

To get a good night’s sleep, make sure your room is dark. This will also help you get enough quality sleep at night because the bright sun in the morning can be disruptive to getting to sleep in.

Maintain a comfortable temperature throughout the year.

Some people like to sleep best at night with their air conditioners year-round. Others find it best to open the windows and let their home air out or use a fan in the summer months.

Either way is best for sleeping at night. The important thing is that you don’t try to make drastic changes from one season to the next. It’s best to maintain a consistent temperature throughout the year.

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The best temperature for sleeping best at night is whatever you’re most comfortable with. You may be able to adjust your body temperature by making small adjustments over time, but the aim is to sleep well in your own bed just the way you like it!