What Keeps You Healthy in 2021?

Healthcare has taken a preponderant place in our life. The coronavirus pandemic put a stop to the way we were conducting our lives and refocused it around medicine. As everyone had to stay home, Scientists tried to figure out how to keep everyone safe. Although we still don’t have all the answers, we are moving towards a safer future. Here are a few things that will keep you healthier this year.

Protection Against Viruses

We have come to learn that protecting ourselves against viruses and other infectious diseases is crucial for each of us, but most importantly, as a society. It came at a price on our liberty, and not everyone complied willingly. But we have already gotten used to many of the requests that scientists have asked of us, through the voice of governments worldwide. These include social distancing, and more importantly, wearing a mask when outside our home, in public places or at work.

But there are other measures that have been developed, which we may not be aware of. This includes the technology developed by Bioguard. It treats various items with an anti-viral technology that can also act as an anti-bacterial and anti-fungal. Thanks to this product, when you come in contact with a treated item, the chances that a virus can be found on its surface are almost down to zero. For more info on which items can be protected using Bioguard, please go to www.bioguard-protected.com.

Back to the Basics


Although technology can help, other basic elements, that we already knew about, can also protect us. Many people take vitamins throughout the winter, to provide them with the missing nutrients in their bodies, due to the colder weather and reduced days. Many studies have shown that Vitamin D (which you find in the sun rays) can help protect against the coronavirus, or if you already have it, it will make the symptoms weaker. For example, a study published in the journal “Nutrition” indicated that people treated with a combination of vitamin D, magnesium and vitamin B12 had much less severed symptoms and their outcome were better.

But a nutritionist would tell you that you simply need to keep a balanced diet, to get the same results. Although it is true that we lack vitamin D in winter, because we are exposed to less sun, it is also true that many people lack other nutrients, because of the way they eat. Therefore, changing their bad nutrition habits can play an important role in protecting themselves against coronavirus and all other diseases, as well.


People who don’t believe exercising can protect you from getting sick, either have never tried to keep a regular workout schedule or are too lazy to even try. The best way to lead a healthy life is to stay in movement and to keep away, as much as possible, from stress. If the body lacks physical activity, it will lose energy and become weaker; more in danger of getting sick.

This all goes to show that we are finding more ways to protect ourselves today, but that sometimes, the old methods still work best!