Companies such as Relaxed Pup will bake CBD into their dog treats. And whilst CBD is safe for dogs to have, the other chemical in weed, THC is not! 

Today, I want to go over what you need to do if your dog eats THC and how they may get it in the first place. 

How he can

If your dog takes THC, there will usually be two ways he managed to do it. 

The first way is that they’ve eaten some of your edibles. Maybe you left them on the table while you left the room for two seconds. While you were gone, your dog didn’t know the food wasn’t for you. 

How could he know? All food on the table is his, isn’t it? 

But the other thing your dog could take THC is if you buy some CBD oil, and bake it into a treat for him. But if you buy it without looking at the label, you may find it has more THC than CBD. 


First things first try to ring up your vet to let them know what’s happened. 

There won’t be any point in booking an appointment because by the time your vet can see him, the THC would have worn off. 

But just ask if there’s anything they think you should do. Your vet will likely know about your dog and be able to recommend what you specifically need to be doing. 

But be careful, if weed isn’t legal where you are, you don’t want a criminal record. 


First of all, and I know this is going to sound a little bit cliché, but you need to make sure your dog has got plenty of water. 

By drinking water, the THC in your dog’s blood will become diluted, and next time he pees, he’ll get rid of it. Make sure the water is clean, fresh, and plentiful. 

If your dog drinks all his water in one go, just keep on topping it up until he doesn’t want to drink anymore. This should cause him to calm down a little bit. 

Of course, make sure he can go outside afterwards because he will need to pee. 

Back Garden

When your dog is anxious, he will likely struggle to keep still and end up pacing up and down the place. 

When this happens, take him into your back garden. Going to the garden will be better than the park as there won’t be anything to make him scared or nervous. But there will still be enough room for him to walk around the place and walk some of the nerves out of his system. 

Don’t try and play with him now. Just let him do what he needs to do. 


A final solution would be to use charcoal. 

When a person eats poison, their doctor might tell them to drink charcoal water. The charcoal will attach itself to the toxins and bind together before going into your poop. 

This is the same with THC. The chemical will latch onto the charcoal, and when your dog poops, he will expel the THC. 

This should only ever be a final solution as it will probably make him very sick. You should only do this if you know for a fact it’s going to be safe. Charcoal is not food, for people or for dogs, but if you’ve been poisoned, it does the job. 


Where you can avoid giving your dog THC. Make sure the CBD you give them is 100% CBD and 0% THC. 

But if they do end up taking THC, make sure to follow my advice. And remember, it won’t last long, so don’t panic.