VoIP: A Flexible Solution for Remote Teams

More than ever in the past, it is important to stay connected to both the employees on your team and your customers. More and more companies are turning to a VoIP phone system instead of the traditional PBX phone systems because they offer more features, increased accessibility, security, and cost-effective options.

A VoIP phone system is set up to use an IP address via an internet connection. Since you are making phone calls over the internet instead of traditional routes, you can expect a lot of benefits, especially for remote teams.

Increased Accessibility

Since VoIP services allow you to use a software program over the internet instead of a landline for your phone system, your team can work from any location. If you have employees working remotely out of necessity or some staff members who would like to work from home, this opens up that possibility.

VoIP systems can connect calls directly to a cell phone or computer through an app without making your employees use a personal number for business calls. This gives employees flexibility, whether they’re just away from their desks or across the country; all they need is a WiFi connection.


You may be concerned about the security risks involved with making phone calls over the internet. While there is always a small risk when the internet is involved, VoIP systems are actually very secure.

VoIP systems can actually be more protected than landlines if you take the proper precautions. Using end-to-end encryption will keep hackers from listening to confidential conversations, and even if they are able to steal data, they won’t be able to decode it.

You can also use a VPN, which keeps out people who are not supposed to be in the network. It adds a layer of security, and the more layers you have, the better protected you are against attacks. You can also utilize network monitoring, which will alert you if something unusual happens so you can catch and solve problems quickly should they arise.


With a traditional phone system, you usually have to pay per user, which means each employee you have will cost you extra money. That may keep you from expanding your business when you need to and can hinder your progress as a company. VoIP systems usually don’t charge a fee per person, but instead have packages that include different numbers of people.

You can expect to see an immense amount of savings by switching phone systems, especially when you take into consideration the absence of on-site phone equipment, set up fees, and maintenance fees.

Plus, if you’re paying for employee cell phone plans in addition to office phones, a VoIP option will immediately consolidate both those costs into one economic plan.

Some businesses are struggling right now, so being able to reduce this cost significantly can make all the difference.

Variety of Features

VoIP phone systems also offer many more features to utilize in your business. Using VoIP, you can automatically notify callers that they may be recorded for training and quality assurance, queue calls, avoid calling blocked numbers, set priority alerts, and utilize productivity monitoring.

All of these things can help your employees more efficiently and productively do their jobs.

Whether you’re frustrated with your current phone service provider or just looking for ways to cut office costs, VoIP can be a great option to utilize.