Various Industries That Demand Latex Gloves

While there have always been many sectors that require latex gloves, the Coronavirus pandemic has added many more industries that would not normally wear gloves of any sort. We have learned a lot about Covid-19 in a short time, and we are aware that the virus can be airborne, while also living on most surfaces for a considerable number of hours, if not longer. Here are just a few of the business sectors that currently use latex gloves in a bid to halt the spread of Covid-19.

  • Electrical Repairs – The small workshop on the corner of the street where a man repairs electrical devices, and they are now advised by the government to wear gloves and latex are the best because they allow for the delicate feel and touch, which is often necessary in working processes. It isn’t hard to source a latex gloves manufacturer, and they would have a complete range, with trade prices too.
  • Healthcare Professionals – Even the clinic receptionist will be wearing thin latex gloves, which reduces the risk of contact with the virus, and the online supplier has exactly what you have in mind, and with trade prices, your employees will be protected. Doctors, nurses, therapists, physios and even porters now wear latex gloves, which can be disposed of when the shift is over. If your business is suffering due to Covid-19, here is an article about how to source the best digital marketing agency to turn your company around.
  • Hi-Tech Installations – White glove logistics demands top hygiene and all technicians would wear latex gloves, especially when manhandling and installing hi-tech equipment. Things like ATMs, automatic access control systems, fitness equipment, medical equipment for hospitals, and even vending machines are all installed by white glove technicians and they prefer latex for obvious reasons.
  • Sporting Officials – Some sports are starting up again, with strict social distancing and the use of masks and latex gloves, and as more sports open their new season, you can expect to see PPE as standard. Even your favourite premier League commentator will be wearing PPE, as we gently lift the lockdowns around the world.
  • Shop Assistants – Some sales assistants are already wearing latex gloves and if there is another wave, this will probably be made compulsory, as any person who has face-to-face meeting with customers must be protected.
  • Health & Well-Being – This was a booming sector prior to the arrival of Covid-19, and now spas and massage parlours are gradually reopening, and all staff would wear a mask and latex gloves. Even masseurs are being told to massage wearing latex gloves, which does not impact their work in any way.
  • Optics – Those who work in the optics industry must have fine touch when working and latex is the only material to offer total feeling and control, while they also work in a sterile environment and therefore must wear special clothing. Click here for information on UK government support for businesses during the Covid-19 pandemic.

If you are in need of top-quality latex gloves, or any form of PPE, a Google search will take you to an established supplier that would stock the entire range of latex gloves. If you order a good quantity, the supplier would offer fee delivery, which is a welcome thing.