Tried and Tested Dash Cams for Your Peace of Mind

car video recorder installed on the window., tested dash cams for your vehicle

With so many models on the market, finding the right dashcam is a daunting task. However, owning one can add to your legal defense after an accident as well as prevent theft. If you’re ready to up your level of safety, then check out these tried and tested dash cams. 

Mio MiVue 766

Aside from being stylish, Mio’s dash cam had plenty of exciting tech built in. For starters, the footage it captures is in crisp 1080p HD. Integrated WiFi allows connectivity to the compatible app, allowing you to view and store your videos with ease. 

You’ll also find a built-in GPS on this model to help you with your commute or assist you on long road trips. Built with adventure in mind, this device also operates in extreme temperatures. Throw in a simple mounting system, and you have an excellent dash cam at an affordable price. 

2. NextBase 522GW

This NextBase offers a 140-degree wide angle lens combined with a polarizing filter that reduces glare. If your main concern is capturing footage from an accident to prove liability, then you can rest assured that the 522GW has your back. 

As for tech, this model has Amazon’s Alexa built in. You can answer calls, change the radio, and more with voice activation. Another unique feature on this dash cam is its emergency safety feature, which sends out an alert with your exact location to first responders. 

3. Orskey

Cheap and efficient, Orskey’s dash cam offers 1080p HD and 170-degree wide angle lens. The ability to cover more ground in your recording can assist with detecting accidents that happen in your blind spot. This one also has the emergency feature. 

4. Philips GoSure ADR820 

Integrated WiFi on the GoSure allows you to live stream your footage on the compatible app. It also ensures your recordings are saved in the event of an accident that damages the camera. This model suctions onto your windshield and includes G sensors that monitor acceleration, allowing the device to save the last three minutes of footage for you at any given time. 

5. Garmin 66W

Garmin is a major name in this industry, and their 66W dash cam doesn’t disappoint. With a 180-degree viewing lens and HDR recording capability, you can capture the finest of details no matter the lighting. Garmin also offers an app with their model using built-in WiFi.

6. BlackVue DR900S-1CH

Sleek and stylish, the DR900S-1CH boasts 4k UHD and a unique parking mode to capture any hit and runs. The camera detects collisions, pinging your smartphone with a cloud-based subscription package. While this one does cost more, the image quality and cloud storage might make up for the difference.

With 4k, you’re catching even the tiniest details on any other vehicle. A truck accident attorney in Orange County was able to use footage from this camera to win a case for their client where liability was difficult to determine. Plus, the footage was easily sent by the client during their recovery.