Training Your Officers With Police Car Simulators

Training Your Officers With Police Car Simulators

Driving a police car can be overwhelming, frustrating, and complicated. It is important that police officers know how to operate the equipment on their vehicles at a moment’s notice. Different from vehicles that the general public drive, inside a police vehicle you’ll find things such as police radios, controls for sirens and flashing lights, and emergency equipment. All of these tools require training on how to operate them. It is important your team is properly trained and prepared for stressful situations while operating a police car. 

A police car simulator allows police officers safety and the prevention of risks while practicing various operations such as emergency response, scanning, pursuit management, and intersection clearing. The simulator provides realistic movements, so the trainees can learn proper acceleration, braking, and how to drive on various terrain. L3 Harris can help you find your officers the right simulator that fits the needs of your organization. 

The Benefits For Your Team

Teaching your officers how to drive a police vehicle is easier with a simulator. Many benefits include:

  • Practical training. You can practice various situations from a smooth highway to a rough dirt road. You can practice on any type of terrain without the need to travel to a location. 
  • Reduced vehicle costs. Your police vehicles are not used in simulation training, so there’s no damage or maintenance to worry about.
  • Accident reduction. You can practice from the safety of your station reducing the need for on-the-road training which prevents accidents from occurring. 
  • Higher knowledge retention. Simulators offer consistent feedback, making users feel more confident in their knowledge and skills.
  • Lots of features. Simulators come with numerous scenarios and performance assessment tools to help users experience and prepare for a wide range of situations. 

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Simulated police car driving can help police officer trainees learn skills in a controlled environment. Simulators are great tools for police officers, firefighters, and others who must use specialized vehicles in their occupation. L3Harris offers simulators, courseware, curriculum, and other driver training services. Contact us today to learn more about our police car simulators and other products.