The One Cybersecurity Tool That Can Block 99% of Password Attacks

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The cybersecurity industry has grown tremendously to meet the demand of cybersecurity professionals needed for protection. Businesses are now realizing that cybersecurity is more than just an IT issue; it’s a business issue. That’s why Managed IT Services are growing in popularity as companies look for ways to outsource their cyber issues.

While cybersecurity is a difficult and burdensome issue for most businesses, there’s one cybersecurity tool that can be implemented across all technologies to prevent 99% of password attacks:  two-factor authentication. Most cybersecurity experts recommend deploying two-factor authentication as an additional layer of security on top of passwords as soon as possible as a minimal cybersecurity standard.

Incorporating two-factor authentication into cybersecurity measures is a simple way to prevent widescale cybersecurity incidents, as well as one of the most effective cybersecurity tools available. Having an IT service manager implement this cybersecurity standard across all company technology would be a simple way for companies to further protect themselves from password attacks and cybersecurity vulnerabilities.

By using cybersecurity measures like two-factor authentication, companies can ensure they’re doing their part to protect themselves and their data during these cybersecurity attacks. Two-factor authentication is one of the most effective cybersecurity tools available, but it’s also one that many companies haven’t yet implemented.

Implementing cybersecurity standards means implementing new technology, which is why it’s important for cybersecurity experts to create security measures that are easy to implement. The cybersecurity industry knows this, so cybersecurity professionals have created many technologies designed to be simple and easy-to-implement cybersecurity solutions.

This cybersecurity solution is one that can be easily added across all cybersecurity protections, but the cybersecurity industry knows that cybersecurity must also be flexible and adaptable to changing cybersecurity threats.

The cybersecurity industry has grown exponentially to meet the needs of cybersecurity professionals who are responsible for protecting data. Unfortunately for cybersecurity managers, cybersecurity incidents are also growing at an exponential rate, making cybersecurity more important than ever. That’s why Managed IT Services are popular among companies looking to outsource cybersecurity issues.

The cybersecurity protections companies have in place must also be flexible and able to adjust as new cybersecurity threats emerge. That’s why cybersecurity managers should consider implementing cybersecurity best practices. These cybersecurity measures can be implemented across all technologies, making cybersecurity easier for companies struggling with the issue.

Managed IT Services cybersecurity best practices:  Incorporate cybersecurity measures into all technology, especially cybersecurity technologies that can adapt to emerging cybersecurity trends. Update cybersecurity protections regularly in order to stay ahead of hackers and ensure the highest level of cybersecurity protections possible. Increase security through encryption and other cybersecurity tools which make data inaccessible to non-authorized users.

Take advantage of cybersecurity training and cybersecurity awareness programs, which can help employees spot cybersecurity threats before they become cybersecurity issues. Implement password policies that ensure employees choose strong passwords and update them regularly. Ensure all cybersecurity protections are multi-faceted and able to adapt to different cybersecurity threats as they emerge. Improve cybersecurity through the use of two-factor authentication.

As cybersecurity incidents continue to grow at an alarming rate, cybersecurity leaders understand the importance of cybersecurity management and implementing cybersecurity best practices. Managed IT Services can help companies save time and money while ensuring the highest level of cybersecurity protections possible.