The Many Benefits of Moving your Business to the Cloud

There are already many organisations that have migrated their business data onto the cloud, and for very good reasons, as cloud-based systems offer the business many benefits. Once all your critical data is on the cloud, it can be accessed by authorised personnel from any location, using any digital device, and with a secure network, your data is always protected.

System Integration

Using system integration services allows you to seamlessly merge all your data, and that will boost productivity, with a tried and tested integration service provided by a market leader. Simply put, system integration streamlines your business processes by collating data from various platforms to give you real-time accurate data. As a business owner, you will be in complete control, with an easy to use interface that keeps you informed, and you won’t have to collect data from multiple platforms, as the integration merges everything.

Eliminate Double Handling

When you consider how many times an item is handled and rehandled, it is easy to understand why the organisation is handicapped, and when all your data is on the cloud, this eliminates double handling. All authorised employees can directly access the data they need, with user name and password access, and this can be done from any location, using any digital device. Click here for further reading on the benefits of cloud hosting, which highlights the advantages being on the cloud brings.

Business Communication

This is one area that the cloud becomes very useful, with Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), you can make real-time calls or video meetings for a fraction of the cost of the traditional telephone networks. You can have a video conference with all your sales staff who are scattered around the country, and your secure network is extremely reliable, with a high bandwidth to facilitate video conferencing and data sharing.

File Sharing & Updating

Every time a salesperson makes a sale, they can login and update the client’s file, and that means everyone has access to the latest data, while file sharing enables information sharing between two or more people. You have state of the art whiteboard features when you are in a video conference, and whether a single person or a group of 50, the connection is stable.


This is one area where the cloud really comes into its own, as your accounts staff can access up to date spreadsheets and reports, which greatly reduces the time it takes to complete their task. A complex permissions system ensures that only authorised employees can access financial data, and when it is time to prepare the quarterly reports, time will be saved, which boosts productivity.


Of course, the network provider would ensure that your data is backed up daily and is secure from hackers and cyber-criminals, which is essential in the digital world we live in. Here is some government information on cyber-security, which all business owners should read.

If you would like to learn more about cloud-based applications for business, a Google search will put you in touch with a network provider who has all the answers. Talk to the experts and see exactly what they can do for your business, and you will be pleasantly surprised.