Technology Has Never Been More Valued

Why Cybersecurity Is Only Becoming More Important

The Coronavirus health pandemic has ushered in an era where technology, products and related services have never been more valued and appreciated. This is understandable to the average person, given the social distancing limitations that have been imposed by many countries, states and even local counties.

Shalom Lamm has predicted that many of these changes that may have initially seemed temporary due to the Coronavirus, will in fact be left with us for a substantial time to come. This is a sentiment and view that’s shared by many. An appropriate question to ask is by what point do we actually recognize the Coronavirus as a pandemic that is in the rear-view, and officially a thing of the past?

There isn’t an easy or straightforward answer to this question. Is it when a vaccine is developed? Is it not until there’s herd immunity established? Indeed, these central questions will inevitably determine the future of many businesses that have been on a practical lockdown since this pandemic began. For business-owners like Shalom Lamm, going through the travails of assessing these seemingly challenging questions is a necessity. The answers to these questions will determine the pathways business-owners decide to take in the near and long term.