Should I Invest in Cybersecurity for my Non-Profit?

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Imagine this: A non-profit organization has just had all of their records stolen by hackers. Not only have they lost money, but now they are in danger of losing credibility and trust with the non-profit’s community members. That non-profit is like many non-profits that don’t see cybersecurity as a top priority, or even realize how crucial it is to invest in cybersecurity for non profits. But why should your non profit care about its digital safety? What makes cybersecurity so important?

Your Non Profit Can Lose Money

Hackers like to steal money because it’s the easiest way for them to make a profit. Using malware (like ransomware), hackers can easily encrypt your non profit’s most vital files and demand payment for the key. And yes, non-profits can definitely be targeted by these kinds of attacks (and not just individuals). According to the Privacy Rights Clearinghouse, non-profit organizations reported 23 data breaches in 2016 that resulted in 2,262,114 records being stolen.

Your Non Profit Can Lose Data

Data is the most important asset your non profit has; it’s what you use to stay organized and meet all your non profits goals! But if hackers gain access to non-profits sensitive information, like credit card numbers or health records, then sensitive information could be leaked or used against them.

Your Non Profit Can Lose Reputation

When non-profits lose money and data because of cybersecurity problems, they lose their ability to serve the non-profit community. One data breach can seriously harm your non profit’s online reputation, and keeping non profits safe from cybersecurity threats is crucial for non-profits being able to do their jobs to serve non-profits in the best way possible.

Your Non Profit Can Lose Confidential Information

Non-profits house a lot of sensitive information that needs to be kept confidential for a number of reasons. For example, many non-profits have volunteers that handle HR matters like background checks and confidentiality agreements. The last thing you want is for this kind of information to get out!

Keep in mind that non-profits are not the only entities impacted by cybersecurity issues. Everyone is vulnerable to cybersecurity hacks and malicious attacks, which means everyone should invest in cybersecurity for non-profits whether you’re a non profit or an individual, working in technology or media, big business or small business. If non-profits want to stay safe online, they need to be vigilant about the actions they take when it comes to their non-profit’s digital safety. As non-profits continue to grow, it becomes even more important for them to secure their data and networks because the stakes are higher than ever before. If non-profits want their data and community to stay safe (which they definitely do!), then non-profits need to invest in cybersecurity services because everyone is at risk when non-profits don’t take digital safety seriously.