NANO Hearing Aids Among the TOP Electronic Gadgets for 2020

NANO Hearing Aids Among the TOP Electronic Gadgets for 2020

This year alone countless startups and well-established corporations have decided to steamroll the release of their most innovative electronic gadgets. Here’s a list of the best ones.

Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Fold

The ThinkPad X1 Fold is one of Lenovo’s latest gadgets. With a foldable 13.3-inch display, this Windows 10 device is more in line with the specifications of a laptop than a tablet. The device supports stylus inputs and a magnetic keyboard on the lower half of the foldable display. The ThinkPad X1 Fold is a novice device that combines the best elements of a laptop and tablet.

Samsung Ballie

The Samsung Ballie is an all-round life-help device, it is a spherical gadget with cameras and sensors. It follows users around and lets them control their smart home devices and features. Users can take photos, send updates to their home and use it as a fitness assistant. It’s a fun and extremely useful device.

Samsung Sero TV

The Sero TV was specifically designed by Samsung for horizontal as well as vertical movies and shows. The Sero TV makes watching vertical shows all the more pleasant. It is a 43-inch 4K TV screen that can rotate between portrait and landscape viewing. Users can mirror smartphone screens by a tap to TV screen, sound is dispersed via a 4.1 channel sound system. 

The NANO Sigma

The NANO Sigma is NANO Hearing Aids’ only wireless app-control hearing aid model. The NANO Sigma allows users to control their hearing aids, tune them to function in different environments, and adjust them to different volumes all from their smartphones. It also comes equipped with two directional microphones, advanced noise reduction and feedback technology, and four sound environment settings. Unlike other hearing aid brands, like Unitron and Starkey, NANO Hearing Aid Reviews speak to the durability, comfortability and effectiveness of NANO devices.

Segway S-Pod

This is Segway’s latest project, the S-Pod is a self-balancing stroller that users control via a joystick. The S-Pod hits speeds of up to 24 miles per hour. It is fully equipped with safety features like automatic breaks and exterior lights that act as directional indicators.  

Hypervolt Plus Cordless Vibrations Massager

We all know that with social distancing rules, it will be months before we are able to get a body massage from an actual human being. The Hyervolt Percussion Massager, developed by Hyperice, is the answer. It is a power tool-looking massager powered by a 60-Watt motor that propels one of five massager heads at three varying speeds for better comfortability. 

Reocean One

The Reocean One is a sophisticated all-in-one smart water filtration system. The device filters, carbonates and flavors unfiltered water with the use of a built-in carbon dioxide tank and reusable flavor pods. The Reocean One is designed by a company called Reocean in partnership with numerous brands to recreate particularly favorable flavor combinations. 

CleanPod UVC Sterilizer

Developed by MONOS, the CleanPod UVC Sterilizer is a handheld sterilizer that kills germs on almost every surface by means of UV light. This includes grocery bags and purchases, luggage, wallets, banking cards, you name it. This gadget that will really come in handy this year. 

Roland Go: Livecast

The Go: Livecast is designed by Roland. It is a portal mobile production studio for people dedicated to smartphone vlogging and live-content streaming. Users can cue specific sound-effects, display titles, audio sounds and a variety of other features. It has a built-in microphone and can receive and process multiple input and output instructions. 

Dell Alienware Concept UFO

Dell has come out with a portable PC gaming device that does not require a PC or laptop. The Intel-powered Alienware Concept UFO consists of an 8-inch screen display, a kickstand and detachable controllers. It also comes with support nodes for external devices such as laptops or keyboards. It is currently a concept device but the gaming industry expects big things.

Fisker Ocean

The eco-friendly luxury SUV, the Ocean was launched by Fisker. The Ocean has an all-electric drivetrain and vegan leather interiors made from recycled materials like nylon and polyester. It also has roof solar panels for passive battery charging and a cool mode which turns down all the windows without compromising the safety of the passengers. It’s the way forward for eco-friendly vehicles. 

MOON UltarLight

Developed by MOON, the UltraLight is a portable lighting accessory with touch controls allowing users to customize the brightness and tone of images. The UltarLight has multiple colour temperatures and adjustable brightness for different background and lighting environments. It is a portable, clip-on, touch-controlled lighting device produced in multiple designs and fits for various types of cases. 

This list of top electronic gadgets of 2020 are all designed to make people’s lives less complicated, more efficient and obviously a lot more fun in a year as unexpected as this one.