Male Cannabis Plants – What Can You Do With Them?

The female plants have more value than their male counterparts in the world of cannabis. The female plants are more useful because buds are produced by them, which eventually are dried and used. Generally, as the plants start showing the early signs of a male plant, they are discarded immediately because it is believed they have no use. Since the female plants can produce buds, hence the females find place in the cannabis vegetation. However, if you are overlooking them, you are surely missing out on their benefits, and all that they offer. 

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This article gives an overview of what you can do with the male cannabis plants and how to use them in the best possible way. 

  • Breeding the plants: Male cannabis plays a key role when it comes to breeding the seeds. When the pollination of the female flowers happens, the seeds inherit around 50% of the genetics. That is the reason why the genetics of a male plant must not be ignored. To improve these plants’ quality in the upcoming generations, it is essential to ensure male plants’ positive features are transferred to its next generation. 
  • Create hemp fiber with male cannabis plants: The male cannabis is the best choice to make the best hemp fiber. Owing to the male plants’ robust and strong stalks, it is easier to create hemp fiber. The male counterparts are incredibly beneficial as it offers smooth fibers, thus enabling the weaving of delicate and exclusive fabrics. You might not be a big fan of weaving, but the male plants can be used to produce material of fibers, thus allowing the plants to be put to its best use. Some notable examples include clothing and tablecloths, which can be weaved with the help of male plants. 
  • Psychoactive Plants: You might be surprised to know that the male plants can even be psychoactive; however, they are not as potent as the female versions. Although, unlike the female plants, these plants are not capable of producing buds, cannabinoid presence in the stems, leaves, and sacs contributes to oils and hash production. Also, during the plant’s vegetative phase, the male plants have been found to have greater THC concentration than their female counterparts. The only problem with the male plants is they have a shorter lifespan, and there is no method developed to date that makes it possible for the process of pollination to be delayed. 
  • Ornamentation for your garden: Like the female plants, the male plants are well known for creating oils, like terpenes, which can again be used to eliminate pests. Hence, due to this unique feature, male plants are given a place in the garden. 
  • Delicious Juice: Cannabis juice is excellent to try and also offers a variety of benefits. Male plants are often used to create excellent juice and are consumed heavily in many countries. 

In conclusion, it can be said that instead of overlooking the male plant, you must use it for the benefits mentioned above and witness their varied uses!